CE Pro Europe: VR Audio Reimagined

"While the visual and interactive elements of these headsets have been iterated and improved, the audio has been somewhat of a stumbling block. Sure 3D audio formats such as Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and Auro-3D can give the illusion that you’re actually standing in a 3D space – but it’s not enough to trick the brain that you’re actually there.

That’s where Dirac comes along."

"The Arcam AVR850 stands out as one of the best sounding receivers that I have ever had in my system."

Arcam AVR850 featuring Dirac Live digital room correction software

Review by: Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity

"One more point – the unit makes it easy to toggle the Dirac Live on and off. When I would turn it off while listening to vinyl, the soundstage collapsed dramatically. When on, the Dirac spread the stage as wide as possible and opened up the top end in a way that I cannot fully explain with just words. It is something you must experience for yourself." Read it!

Review on OnePlus 3 optimized by Dirac Power Sound

Review by Mostafa Wael on XDA Developers

Check out this in-depth review on OnePlus 3, OnePlus’ latest smartphone model using Dirac Power Sound for its speaker system. The audio performance of OnePlus 3 is thoroughly introduced and highly rated by the reviewer.

“Moving on to the star of the show, the OnePlus 3, I moved my usual set of music sets, which involve some club, trap, EDM, PDB mixes and some trances, and fired up a club set…Overall it was very balanced produced sound and a very enjoyable experience…I favor the speaker of the OnePlus 3 over the iPhone's, since it is much more accurate when playing the music and sounds a lot louder with no audible distortion that may ruin your experience…This device is a definite green light for audiophiles on a budget. This phone swears to be an audio veteran...” Read it!

Arcam AVR850 - taking room correction to a new level with the help of Dirac Live

Review by AVForums:

"If that was all the AVR850 was capable of we would have been impressed but as soon as we applied the Dirac Live room correction then entire performance just stepped up a gear. It's an over-used cliché but when applying Dirac Live the room and the speakers simply disappeared, creating a wonderfully realistic audio experience. Any sonic characteristics that could have been caused by the room itself evaporated and all that was left was the original sound design."

"The combination of Class G amplification and Dirac Live results in one of the best-sounding receivers we've tested." Read it!


Dirac technology used in one of “the Best of the Show” products at CES 2016

One of the products that raised the most attention among journalists and car makers at CES 2016, the world’s largest consumer electronics show, was an innovative car audio system, the Infinity Voyager Drive from Harman International. Referred to as “the Best of the Show” by the influential tech news site Gizmodo, Infinity Voyager Drive uses the Dirac Panorama Sound™ technology to challenge traditional speaker placement while allowing the passengers to experience an immersive sound stage. Read it! (Harman newsroom)(Gizmodo web site)


miniDSP nanoAVR DL HDMI and Dirac Live Audio Processor

Review by Home Theater Shack forums:

"What put Dirac Live over the top for me was listening to Devin Townsend's Ki album. A long time fan of his music, I have often felt that his heavier track mixes could be a little too dense for their own good at times, bordering on sonically indecipherable at others. What Dirac Live had done was like going through the sonic landscape with a fine-toothed comb, sharpening and separating all of the images and teasing out into the open minute details that rarely saw the light of day. "- Wayne Myers Read it!