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For many people, the personal computer serves as both their music library and the basis for their sound system. Whether you use a PC- or Mac-based sound system, the Dirac Live Room Correction Suite™ offers a fundamental improvement of personal computer-based audio systems by correcting the acoustic defects caused by
your listening environment. 

Dirac Live room optimization Software

Hear the difference now

The Dirac Live Room Correction Suite fundamentally improves the quality of your favorite audio when listening to HiFi systems connected to your computer. The Dirac Live Room Correction Suite is also perfect for professional audio.

  • Perfects sound in any listening room and puts you face to face with the recorded artist.
  • Gives your system a natural sound with increased musical and vocal clarity.
  • Deepens the bass, removes resonances and acoustic problems in sound reproduction.
  • Is a cost-effective alternative to expensive room treatments and sound system upgrades.

Dirac’s room correction software supports up to 24-bit resolution at 192 kHz sample rate. Our advanced algorithms are seamlessly integrated with user-friendly design, making it easy to use for anyone from casual users to experienced audio designers. Please read our Frequently Asked Questions for further information about how to get started.


The result of years of research


Dirac Live is different than traditional minimum-phase room correction systems that only correct frequency response, but not impulse response. Dirac Live corrects both, thus offering improvements in the stereo image, clarity and transient reproduction of the music.
The technology behind the Dirac Room 

Correction Suite, Dirac Live®, is a result of years of research into sound optimization. This advanced digital signal processing algorithm is used in high-end AVRs, in luxury car sound systems such as Rolls Royce, BMW and Bentley as well as in digital cinema theaters.

Impulse response - room correction

Impulse Response Correction

Frequency response - room correction

Frequency Response Correction


Stereo Version, Full Version and Trial Version


Choose between the Stereo Version software for 2 speakers, or the Full Version for up to 8 speakers (home theater and surround sound system). All versions come with a PDF-manual and free technical support to help you get started.

Download the 14-day complete Free Trial Version to hear the difference today.

Dirac Customer Portal - License management and downloads for existing customers


Stereo Version

  • 2 channel (2 speakers)
  • Optimizes sound regardless
    of media player
  • 1-year Free support and updates
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • License valid for 1 computer

Full Version

  • 8 channel (home,theater etc.)
  • Optimizes all sound regardless of media player
  • 1-year free support and updates
  • 30 day money-back guarantee
  • License valid for installation on 2 computers

Technical features

  • Impulse response correction
  • Frequency response correction
  • Editable target curve,
    unlimited break points
  • Automatic target functionality
  • Shows average measurements
  • Chair and sofa measurements

Technical features

  • Impulse response correction
  • Frequency response correction
  • Editable target curve, unlimited break points
  • Automatic target functionality
  • Shows all measurements
  • Chair, sofa and auditorium measurements

Two software applications


Dirac Live Room Correction Suite consists of two software applications:



1. Dirac Live Calibration Tool


The Calibration Tool offers step-by-step instructions on how to measure and analyze the degradations in sound quality caused by your loudspeakers and listening environment. Correction data is generated automatically. The room calibration tool requires a microphone for the measurements and works with standard and USB sound cards (DACs). If you don’t want to get technical, just take the measurements and let the software figure out the rest! If you’re an advanced user, you can edit the target frequency response in detail. 


Calibration Tool for room correction
Audio Processor for sound optimization

2. Dirac Audio Processor

This application lets you apply the created correction data to all sound that is played from your computer, regardless of media player or application.


Dirac HD Player

Powerful sound improvement for your iPhone and iPod Touch


When it comes to improving audio quality on mobile devices, many people start by looking for more expensive headphones. The Dirac HD Player is changing all that. 

The Dirac HD Player is an easy-to-use music player that uses sophisticated technology to fundamentally improve the sound from Apple’s original iPhone and iPod Touch Earphones, EarPods and In-Ear Headphones. Now, you can listen to all your favorite music in your iTunes library with improved sound quality without breaking the bank.