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OPPO enters licensing agreement with Dirac Research to offer best possible mobile music experience

May 16, 2012

San Francisco and Uppsala, Sweden. OPPO today announces the launch of mobile phones promising the best in mobile sound quality. Superior sound quality has been obtained through the use of innovative sound processing developed by Swedish sound technology specialists Dirac Research.

The technology used – Dirac HD Sound®- improves all acoustic properties of the earphones shipped with the new mobile phones for the best possible mobile music experience. Precise acoustic measurements of the earphone have allowed a tailored digital sound processor to control the acoustic properties of the earphone. The aim is better music reproduction than can be obtained even with expensive studio headphones. Technologies from Dirac have been used in high-performance HiFi, luxury cars, digital cinemas and studios. The OPPO launch marks the world premiere of this type of advanced sound processing in mobile phones. 

Rather than the generic sound effects that are common in the market today, Dirac HD Sound actually performs a genuine improvement of the earphone. The result is a clear and natural sound for music playback, a philosophy that OPPO has embraced. 

“OPPO is known for emphasizing quality in their products and we are very pleased to be part of their mission to attain a mobile high fidelity experience for their customers,” says Dr. Mathias Johansson, CEO of Dirac. 

Mr. Ken Kreisel, one of the founders of M&K Speaker, known for high-end studio monitor speaker systems, listened to the sound of OPPO mobile phone using an earphone. He stated: “While listening to the new OPPO Mobile Phone with Dirac HD Sound, the sound improvement is tremendous and I feel almost like I am in the recording studio with my new studio monitors. I applaud OPPO for their innovative and pioneering spirit in embracing this new Dirac HD Sound Technology.” 

About Dirac Research
Founded in 2001, Dirac Research is a premier R&D company specializing in high-performance digital sound optimization, room correction and sound field synthesis. The company was founded by researchers from the Signals & Systems Group of Uppsala University, Sweden, which has fostered 8 Nobel Prize laureates. With Dirac’s patented toolbox for efficient and accurate audio system optimization, customers such as BMW, Bentley, Rolls Royce and Datasat Digital Entertainment have achieved dramatically improved sound quality and a shortened time-to-market. Dirac Research maintains offices in Sweden, Tokyo, Detroit, San Diego, Seoul and Shanghai. www.dirac.se. 

About OPPO
Established in 2004, OPPO China is a large globally registered high-tech enterprise incorporating R&D, manufacturing and marketing. Through the strength of its phenomenal independent R&D capacity, OPPO is dedicated to products with superb quality, fashionable design and handy operation. Following the successful launches of MP3 players and MP4 players in China, OPPO officially released its first mobile phone in May 2008, and since then has been committed to building a world-class brand in the industry of high-quality and fashionable digital devices. 

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