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Dirac Panorama Sound ™ Unveiled at CES 2015: Creating a Wide Panoramic Soundstage from Small Stereo Speakers

January 7, 2015

Dirac Research unveiled a new technology – Dirac Panorama Sound ™ – at CES 2015, a patented digital audio technology for Bluetooth® speakers, soundbars, tablets and other stereo or multichannel loudspeakers. The advanced algorithms use multiple speakers to create a larger, wider and truly immersive high fidelity sound experience.

By leveraging the power of co-optimization, Panorama Sound technology brings out the full potential of multiple speakers. The result is a magically broad soundstage extending far beyond the loudspeakers, and exceptional sound quality that immerse listeners in a full-sized surround sound experience.

Dirac Panorama Sound ™ is ideally suited for any setup with two or more loudspeakers, and the technology does not have strict requirements regarding the size, quantity or position of the speakers in the system.  Panorama Sound was inspired by Dirac’s most advanced solution called Dirac Unison ™, a groundbreaking active acoustic treatment technology, which makes its debut in the much anticipated Bowers & Wilkins sound system option in the brand new Volvo XC90.

Dirac Panorama Sound is featured in Dirac M-Suite™, a total sound optimization package for mobile devices. It is recommended to be used in combination with other technologies in the package for optimal result.

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