HomeNews“Without a high audio quality, the listener is unable to experience the true richness of sound.”

“Without a high audio quality, the listener is unable to experience the true richness of sound.”

August 11, 2020

Photo: Hannah Ferrell

Photo: Hannah Ferrell

Get to know us! Here are three soundly formulated questions to a Diracian.

Hello Petra Forsberg Kyller, Head of Marketing at Dirac. Tell us a bit about your background – and why you’ve joined us at Dirac?

For most of my career I have been passionate about marketing and branding. I have a background working in various advertising agencies and I myself have run an advertising agency for 14 years with a team of employees and freelancers in Uppsala. I also have a marketing background with experience working in California, South Carolina, and North Carolina. In NC, I worked at a high-tech company. This was an incredibly interesting company with researchers, R&D, systems developers, sales, and marketers– where all departments came together to form their strong brand identity.

The team at Dirac has welcomed me with open arms and Dirac reminds me of the powerful energy, knowledge, and will of my former employer in NC. I feel incredibly enthusiastic and proud to be onboard Diracs’ journey towards the revolution of the world of sound. After having so recently joined the team, I cannot wait to familiarize myself with all my new colleagues, develop the brand in collaboration with professionals at Dirac and its partners, and join them in our journey towards expansion. I have a lot to learn and a lot to take in. I’m looking forward to it!

What’s the most exciting trends in the audio industry right now?

It is more important than ever to unlock the full potential of audio and in doing so this transforms the way that consumers are experiencing sound. Audio is an important part in many people’s day to day life. Audio stimulates the mind and provides a way for people to, ironically enough, escape the noisy world in which we live. However, many argue that without a high audio quality, the listener is unable to experience the true richness of sound. Not only does audio quality allow the consumer to be able to better appreciate audio but it will also allow them to better grasp the hard work that went into creating the audio. Dirac is bringing together the world of the consumer and the world of the artists and producers by providing audio with an outlet that will be better appreciated, one note and sound wave at a time.

Finally, what we all want to know… What’s your favorite sound?

Since I am a sports car admirer, I appreciate nothing more than hearing the whirring sound of their engine turning over, knowing the amount of craftsmanship put into researching, engineering, and designing these powerful masterpieces.

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