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Dirac HD Sound supports third party earphones on Meizu smartphones

June 18, 2014

Dirac Research has launched a new project with Meizu Technology Co., Ltd, a Chinese consumer electronics company that manufactures smartphones, earphones and music players. The project will allow Meizu smartphone users to enjoy optimized sound quality by Dirac HD Sound technology with third party earphones. Tuning presets for the first four third party earphones, Sennheiser CX200, Sennheiser ie8i, Audio-Technica ATHES7 and Audio-Technica CKM500, are already available for MX3 users. Tuning presets for more third party earphones will be added gradually.

Dirac HD Sound also supports Meizu’s own earphones EP21, EP20s and EP20. Users of these earphones have strongly expressed their appreciation of Dirac HD Sound since the launch day of Dirac HD Sound in Meizu smartphones in autumn 2013. This has led to the commencement of this new project between Dirac and Meizu.

The Dirac HD Sound technology is an advanced sound correction solution tailored to specific earphone models. It optimizes the sound reproduction to bring out the full potential of the earphone and genuinely improves the sound quality. It is unique in that it corrects both the amplitude and the timing of each tone reproduced by the earphone. The technology is also used for loudspeakers.

Dirac HD Sound is available on OPPO and Xiaomi smartphones as well. It is also the technology behind the acclaimed iOS app Dirac HD Player. Moreover, Jays earphones, NuForce earphones, Pioneer speakers, XTZ loudspeakers and earphones and Olympus portable radio server have adopted this patented technology for better sound reproduction.

Read more about Dirac HD Sound here.

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