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Sonic Studio and Dirac Research Complete License Agreement

September 18, 2013

San Francisco, CA and Uppsala, Sweden) – September 18, 2013 — Sonic Studio, LLC and Dirac Research AB announced today that the two companies have entered into a licensing agreement that will see Dirac’s mixed-phase impulse response room analysis and room correction technology integrated with Sonic Studio’s award winning AmarraTM brand ultra- resolution music players and soundBladeTM professional mastering systems.

The agreement creates a first-of-kind combination that sets a new benchmark for sound control, quality and experience because it couples the audio source and sound system with the acoustic signature of the listening environment. The result is a significant improvement in clarity, detail, depth and nuance over uncorrected playback systems, and provides a truly thrilling and remarkable music listening experience in professional studios and even less than ideal home listening conditions.

“Our technology is focused on enabling great sound in spaces ranging from automobiles to high-end listening rooms as well as in design efficiency to blend components with their enclosure and facilitate innovative loudspeaker designs through digital sound processing,” said Dr. Mathias Johansson, CEO of Dirac in Uppsala, Sweden. “For us, Sonic Studio is the perfect partner because they are as passionate about the precision of sound as we are, and they understand the heart and soul of music too.”

Along with the licensing agreement, Sonic Studio announced the release of Amarra Symphony integrated with impulse response correction (iRC) technology based on Dirac Live®. The new Amarra Symphony with iRC includes a new stand- alone acoustic analysis application called iRC Measure, as well as an iRC filter control manager built directly into the Amarra Symphony music player interface. The tight integration creates an optimized collaboration between the music player, sound system and its allotted space that allows the entire audio chain to work together in unison. The result is an exceptional sound performance capability otherwise unobtainable in typical home listening rooms.

“Sonic Studio is excited to partner with Dirac in bringing the world’s best music player and room correction software together,” said Jonathan Reichbach, president and chief engineer at Sonic Studio in San Francisco, California. “This synergy takes the natural sound of a room with the music that’s played into it to a new level of realism.”

Creating acoustically perfect listening spaces generally requires specialized construction involving highly trained acousticians and investing significant amounts of money; typically reserved for professional recording and mastering studios, concert halls and ultra high-end media rooms. Home music enthusiasts typically won’t engage in such construction, but will invest heavily in acoustic wall treatments, premium cables and power conditions; all of which designed to achieve a ‘just noticeable’ difference in the perception of music. In an industry that prices high-end cables for $1,000, amplifiers for $10,000 and pairs of speakers for $60,000 to $100,000 or more, Sonic Studio’s Amarra Symphony with iRC appears to be a bargain at its suggested retail price of just $789.00 considering that it enables such an astonishing change in the overall clarity, depth and nuance of music.

Amarra Symphony with iRC is available through specially authorized Amarra Symphony retailers and professional audio consultants, as well as via the company’s website. Also available in conjunction with Amarra Symphony with iRC are special set-up and support options geared toward users who would prefer to have the initial room modeling performed online by an expert. Sonic Studio also provides users with a web link to obtain the recommended calibration microphone to use with iRC Measure.

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About Sonic Studio

Located in San Francisco, California, Sonic Studio has been refining the art of professional mastering since 2002. Based on the Sonic Studio Engine, its optimized digital audio engine technology, Sonic Studio develops and sells its best-in-class soundBlade software mastering systems for professional audio engineers, as well as Amarra, the company’s award- winning source playback software for consumer audiophiles, audio enthusiasts and everyone who loves music.

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