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Dirac Impresses Journalists & Industry Experts Alike at the Company’s First-Ever Media Conference in China

August 11, 2017

Dirac held a media conference for the first time in Beijing, China this past Tuesday. Approximately forty journalists and opinion leaders within the VR, HiFi, automotive and mobile industries attended the event.

Erik Rudolphi, Dirac’s Vice President and General Manager of the Mobile BU, presented Dirac’s history and discussed the company’s key business areas around the world. Tony Ye, Dirac’s Business Director of Greater China, discussed Dirac’s business development efforts within the Chinese mobile industry and delved into the key advantages of Dirac mobile technologies.

During the event, attendees were invited to experience Dirac’s suite of audio optimization solutions designed for various devices and products.

The Volvo XC90 and S90, both of which are optimized by Dirac Unison, an active acoustic treatment technology, “wowed” attending journalists and opinion leaders. As part of this impressive demo, Dirac also helped recreate the audio acoustics of the Gothenburg Concert Hall, which is world-renowned for its perfect acoustical environment, within each Volvo.

The Bose SoundLink Mini II portable speaker, when optimized by Dirac Panorama Sound – a sophisticated soundstage widening technology that creates an immersive and powerful listening experience – also received rave reviews from reporters and audio industry experts. The difference between the Dirac Panorama Sound-optimized Bose speaker and a standard portable speaker was described as “huge” and “remarkable”.

Additionally, the company’s award-winning Dirac VR 3D audio solution, which was demonstrated through a pair of Sennheiser HD650 connectors and a head tracker, also blew away reporters and industry experts.

In fact, many attendees claimed that they did not believe the headphones were on, given that they could not hear anything from them; they believed the source of the sound to exist beyond the headphones, in various locations all around them.

They claimed that the sound was coming from the TV located in front of them and from the various other rooms, rather than from its true source – the Dirac VR-enabled headphones that sit atop each user’s ears.

This is precisely the effect of Dirac VR, which creates a virtual surround sound system that mimics exactly and precisely the world around you, all through a pair of headphones and a head-tracker.

China has been a key market for Dirac as a result of its surging smartphone market. More than ten Chinese smartphone manufacturers including market leaders such as OPPO, Xiaomi and Huawei have all partnered with Dirac to leverage the company’s mobile technologies to optimize smartphone speakers and earphones.

Dirac is increasingly recognized by Chinese consumers and industry experts as a global leader in smartphone audio optimization technology. The event helped the public get to know Dirac, its history and capabilities, and its unwavering commitment to creating a better sounding world, through nearly all consumer devices – from automobiles and headphones, to smartphones, portable speakers, and much more.

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