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Dirac unveils Dirac Dimensions™ audio optimization system

October 19, 2010

Acoustic sound field synthesis technology revolutionizes the in-car audio experience

Uppsala, Sweden – October 19th, 2010-Dirac Research, a world leader in room correction and sound field synthesis, has announced the introduction of Dirac Dimensions, the most advanced digital signal processing solution ever engineered for automotive high fidelity. Dirac Dimensions virtually alters loudspeaker positioning to suit each automotive interior, providing an expanded acoustic environment and perfectly balanced sound from every seat in the car.

One stumbling block to achieving the benefits of sound field synthesis has been that the technology requires too many loudspeakers for real-life applications. Dirac Dimensions is the first solution that uses the car”s existing loudspeakers to deliver the advantages of sound field synthesis, and the technology is available now in the 2011 Bentley Continental GT.

How Dirac Dimensions works
Dirac Dimensions is the first in-car audio optimization system to offer true MIMO (multiple-input multiple output) control of the entire sound field. Frequency response, spatial attributes, impulse responses, and the acoustic summation of all loudspeakers are optimized jointly to deliver the most realistic audio reproduction possible.

Sound engineers at Dirac Research team with automotive manufacturers to analyze acoustic properties within the car using the Dirac Dimensions Measurement and Design Tool. Based on the results, engineers can then “draw” an optimal listening environment in the Dirac Dimensions Room Editor, placing virtual speakers at desired locations while defining other target parameters for the desired performance. The result is balanced, accurate sound seemingly decoupled from the physical loudspeakers and extending beyond them in every direction.

Automotive Applications
Dirac Dimensions is the ultimate solution for creating the perfect stereo or 5.1 audio experience across all seating positions in an automotive environment. Dirac Dimensions succeeds in overcoming the limitations of conventional car speaker placement by using patent- pending control algorithms to create virtual loudspeakers outside the car while evening out response variations throughout the passenger cabin. The result is the most lifelike listening experience ever achieved for any automotive environment.

The ultimate in sophistication and performance, the 2011 Bentley Continental GT utilizes Dirac Dimensions optimization technology to transform the in-car listening experience. “Our technology optimizes the sound field to achieve an unprecedented sense of space and realism from all seating positions in the car,” said Mathias Johansson, CEO and CTO at Dirac Research. “Dirac Dimensions actually transforms the output of the existing loudspeakers to create an entirely new listening environment. Due to its effectiveness and adaptability, we anticipate an increased demand for Dirac Dimensions in home, commercial and automotive applications,” Johansson added.

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