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‘I want to share with the world the experience of what Dirac can do for sound’

May 18, 2020


Get to know us! Here are three soundly formulated questions to a Diracian. 

Hello Mats Oberg new Chief Sales Officer at Dirac. Tell us a bit about your background – and why you’ve joined us at Dirac? 

I have always had a strong passion for how technology can positively influence individuals as well as organizations. For most of my career I have had managerial roles at larger American organizations and always seek positions where I can play a role in this aspect. Whether it is leading organizations which provide telecoms-solutions to enable telco’s and consumers experience a better mobile service, or medical researchers to more quickly defining a new treatment. Or – like in my most recent role as CEO – contributing to provide communities with better broadband infrastructure to enable consumers both improved work-from-home experience or leisure time with streaming services. I feel that joining Dirac is the right next step in that journey. Once you´ve had the pleasure of experiencing what Dirac has to offer in sound, you never want to be without it again. And I want the world to share that experience with me!


What’s the most exciting trends in the audio industry right now?  

Dirac’s solutions are unlocking the full richness of audio and, in doing so, we are transforming the way consumers experience sound at home, in the car, or on their mobile devices. While visual experience has significantly improved over last decade – across TV´s, tablets and mobile, we now also see a significant increased demand for improved audio within these markets. Dirac is in a unique position to provide value in units typically with smaller speakers where consumers now expects a much richer – and potentially also personalized – sound than what today is typically offered.


Finally, what we all want to know… What’s your favorite sound?  

The sound of water – something relaxing and therapeutic about it, I must say.  Some of my best moments are waking up on a sunny summer day on a boat in one of the many Stockholm archipelagos hearing the water splash against the hull watching seagulls dive in to catch their meal for the day.

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