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Join Dirac at the 2022 AES International Automotive Audio Conference

As a key partner, Dirac is engaged in the conference in Detroit, Michigan June 8-10 in various aspects, from listening demos & exhibitions, keynote speech, paper session to panel discussion and APEI workshop. Join us and the other leading automotive audio experts to discuss and evaluate the new technologies that are shaping the world of sound!

In-car listening demos: Dirac content-based dynamic upmixing technology and Dirac’s platform solution for audio optimization and audio development

All day every day, Dearborn Ballroom, Salon II-V

Dirac’s latest content-based upmixing technology transforms any stereo content into flexible, customizable immersive experiences, free from artifacts. We will demonstrate this technology in car so that you hear natural and transparent sound coming from all three dimensions, even from above.

The upmixer is actually one of the various features included in the Dirac’s platform solution for automotive audio optimization and audio development. Our engineers will walk you through the principles of the solution, how it removes unwanted colorations in sound and make it easier than ever to achieve the best possible sound performance in cars. Hear the differences Dirac make!

Chief Product Officer

Keynote speech by Mathias Johansson

The Demand for High Audio Quality in Entertainment and Communication in the Disruptive Mobility World,
Mathias Johansson, PhD, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Dirac

8:45 – 9:15 AM, Day 1, Dearborn Ballroom, Salon I

Many automotive industry leaders talk of an on-going paradigm shift that resembles the disruptive change that the mobile phone industry underwent a decade ago. In this talk, we discuss how this industry transformation has already increased the demand for high audio quality of in-car entertainment systems. We discuss the primary drivers, and what the demand and opportunities for higher audio quality means in practice.

Paper session: Stereo Upmix Design for Shaping Sound Experiences

Søren Christensen, Pedro Højen-Sørensen, Morten Hansen, Lars-Johan Brännmark, Researchers at Dirac

1:30 – 3:30 PM, Day 1, Dearborn Ballroom, Salon I

In the currently evolving spatial audio paradigm, an ever-present question is how to meaningfully reproduce two-channel stereo recordings on multichannel systems designed for 3D or `immersive’ formats. The key challenge is to find a way of reproduction that, on the one hand, satisfies listeners’ expectations on immersion and, on the other hand, remains faithful to fundamental characteristics of the original recording, such as, e.g., tonal balance, image stability etc. Dirac researchers present insights and results from our explorations on this, with a focus on design principles towards low-artifact nonlinear stereo upmixing.

audio in a car

Panel discussion: Making Immersive Audio in Cars a Reality

Moderated by Rüdiger Fleischer, Product Manager for Automotive at Dirac. Panelists: Andreas Ehret (Dolby), Stefan Meltzer (Fraunhofer), Wolfram Jähn (Audi), Mark Ziemba (Panasonic), Herbert Waltl (mediaHYPERIUM)

10:00 – 11:30 AM, Day 2, Ballroom Salon I

Automotive might be the most ideal environment to enjoy all aspects of immersive music on a day to day base. All players across the ecosystem must collaborate to implement high-quality immersive music in cars to create the experience artists originally intended. The panelists will dive into greater detail about bringing immersive audio into cars, such as how high-quality immersive entertainment experiences are implemented in cars, the different players and how collaboration between different players across the ecosystem makes in-car audio immersion possible, etc.

APEI session: Intelligent Audio Tools

Emil Hemström, Audio System engineer at Dirac

09:30 AM, Day 3, Fairlane Room

Dirac’s platform solution for automotive audio optimization and audio development is built upon our unique Intelligent Audio Platform: An evolving software platform integrated with shared infrastructure and components using a streamlined workflow. It is modular, scalable, and customizable, allowing you to easily develop, optimize, and integrate your audio experiences. In this session, Dirac’s audio system engineer will deep dive on the tools available on our Intelligent audio platform that enables scientific measurement, virtual basic tuning, sound optimization & spatialization, and computer assisted fine tuning.