Audiophile-quality 3D audio DSP tailored to your headphones


With Dirac 3D Audio, achieve more convincing externalization, a realistic sense of space, accurate acoustical characteristics of different audio objects, correct distance and location, and more.

·     Dramatic sound quality enhancement

·    Natural and transparent 3D audio in the full 360-degree sound field.

·     Accurate spatial positioning

·     Smooth, low latency transition of movement

·     For all kinds of headphones: gaming headphones, wireless headphones, regular headphones and more


Tailored to headphone hardware

We measure and analyze headphones’ acoustic characters and correct their impulse response and frequency response with our patented digital sound optimization technology that is used in some of the world’s finest mixing studios, theatres, cinemas and automobiles.

Our technology is fundamentally different from generic sound effects or EQ, as it addresses the inherent physical limitations of headphone hardware that produce sound imperfections. Learn more


Impulse reponse and frequency response correction


Dramatic sound quality upgrade

With Dirac’s tailored sound optimization solutions, headphone performance is enhanced dramatically without replacing or upgrading one’s hardware. The solution also enables opportunities for digital tuning and efficient design of acoustic headphone characteristics.


Groundbreaking Dynamic HRTFs

HRTFs are the magic behind 3D audio. However, right now, the 3D audio market relies solely on static HRTFs to produce 3D sound.  However, the static HRTF approach assumes that our head and torso rotate in tandem, which, of course, is not true-to-life. Such failure to take dynamic head movement into consideration causes low resolution, noises and errors, which further results in inaccurate positioning of audio sources and sound quality degradations.

By contrast, Dirac’s patent-pending Dynamic HRTFs capture the isolated movements of the head in relation to torso, with a resolution of one degree in all directions on the X-Y-Z plane. Learn more

HRTF sonogram.png

Dynamic HRTF database with minimal sound coloration

Dirac 3D Audio leverages our proprietary Dynamic HRTFs database rather than a generic HRTF database that lacks resolution and suffers from measurement noise and errors. Furthermore, with our unique approach, we have managed to extract “pure” HRTFs – only the aural cues related to localization with minimal unnecessary coloring that are normally superimposed on generic HRTF data.


Accurate spatial positioning with low latency

Whenever an object or user move – for each degree of movement in all three dimensions – new HRTFs are updated and applied accordingly. The high-resolution HRTFs appproach results in smooth, low latency transition of sound movement and a high level of accuracy for spatial positioning.


Natural and transparent 3D audio

Our proprietary approach to 3D audio delivers audiophile quality 3D audio in the full 360-degree sound field. Consumers can enjoy natural and transparent positional audio that is more realistic than ever before, whether they play game or watch videos with a pair of gaming headphones or ordinary headphones. Whipping winds swirl in all directions, airplanes arrive and depart overhead, a bird tweets and sings as it circles your body – Dirac 3D Audio creates a 360-degree “audio sphere” where sounds move freely in all directions around the user.


We think differently. We work differently.

As the quality seal for some of the world’s finest audio systems across consumer and commercial industries, Dirac specializes digital sound optimization and sound field synthesis, which represent the foundation of high quality 3D audio.

Our customers put their trust in our teams of researchers and tuning experts, because we think and work differently. No fake sound effects. Only true sound optimization for an uncompromised immersive listening experience. In order to do this, we push the boundaries of science to make the impossible possible.






For licensing of Dirac 3D Audio technologies in USA, please contact our team in USA:


For licensing of Dirac 3D Audio technologies in China, please contact our team in China:, +86 21-62193370


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Other regions 

For licensing of Dirac 3D Audio technologies in other regions of the world, please contact Dirac here


Reference Mobile Customers


OPPO uses Dirac HD Sound® and Dirac Power Sound® to improve the sound performance of their smartphones.


Smartisan utilizes Dirac HD Sound® and Dirac Power Sound® to improve the sound quality from their smartphones.


Alcatel uses Dirac sound optimization technologies in their smartphones.


Dirac technologies are featured in Xiaomi smartphones and tablets.                              


Dirac HD Sound® and Dirac Power Sound® are featured in OnePlus smartphones.                      


Motorola uses Dirac Panorama Sound® to optimize the sound of the JBL Soundboost 2 speaker compatible with all moto z smartphones

Dirac sound optimization technology is featured in Huawei smartphones.                                          


Dirac HD Sound® technology is featured in Tecno smartphones.           


Dirac sound optimization technology is featured in Infinix smartphones.