In 2019, 3D audio will take the mobile market by storm, allowing customers to capture immersive 360-degree soundscapes and then experience the content in a more lifelike way than ever before. As we’ve done continuously in the past, Dirac will once again lead this charge with our all-new Dirac 3D Audio product portfolio – comprised of Dirac 3D Recording and Dirac 3D Rendering.

With these breakthrough solutions, manufacturers now have an entirely new way to competitively differentiate their products and provide their customers with new tools for producing and experiencing content more realistic, immersive, and exciting than previously imaginable.

3D audio will soon be the new mobile market standard, and the Dirac 3D Audio portfolio will help make this happen!

Dirac 3D Rendering

Dirac 3D Audio Rendering.jpg

Render immersive sound with ultimate accuracy


Using patent pending Dynamic HRTFs, Dirac 3D Rendering delivers an immersive 3D audio experience that is ideal for gaming headphones. The technology is now ready for complete integration by headphone manufacturers, game producers, smartphone OEM’s and chip manufacturers.

  • Groundbreaking Dynamic HRTFs

  • One-degree resolution in all three dimensions

  • High quality, transparent sound

  • Extremely low CPU and memory consumption

  • Unity SDK & Dirac 3D audio SDK 

Dirac 3D Recording

3D recording 3.jpg

Capture High-resolution 3D Audio


Dirac 3D Recording, which is targeted for release in Q2 2019,  allows smartphones and other consumer devices, such as action cams, to record 3D audio with real-time processing.


• High resolution

Our advanced algorithm ensures that audio is recorded in high resolution in 360 degrees for the precise recording of audio source location, distance and the acoustic characteristics of every environment.

Audio Focus

Hear what you want to hear, better. When videos are zoomed in, the solution enables that the sound for the objects in focus are amplified while the surround noise is reduced.

• Optimal integration for portable devices

With extensive mobile device industry experience, our team of engineers and scientists make sure that the solution is designed for products with low CPU usage and limited battery life.

• More freedom with flexible integration

Perfect for setups with as few as three microphones, Dirac 3D Recording enables the flexible positioning and placement for optimal design freedom.



Are you looking for 3D audio solution for small speakers? Dirac Panorama Sound® leverages smartphones using two or more small speakers to create a fully immersive listening experience.






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Other regions 

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Reference Mobile Customers


OPPO uses Dirac HD Sound® and Dirac Power Sound® to improve the sound performance of their smartphones.


Smartisan utilizes Dirac HD Sound® and Dirac Power Sound® to improve the sound quality from their smartphones.


Alcatel uses Dirac sound optimization technologies in their smartphones.


Dirac technologies are featured in Xiaomi smartphones and tablets.                              


Dirac HD Sound® and Dirac Power Sound® are featured in OnePlus smartphones.                      


Motorola uses Dirac Panorama Sound® to optimize the sound of the JBL Soundboost 2 speaker compatible with all moto z smartphones

Dirac sound optimization technology is featured in Huawei smartphones.                                          


Dirac HD Sound® technology is featured in Tecno smartphones.           


Dirac sound optimization technology is featured in Infinix smartphones.