The All-new Kunai Pro Gaming Headphones are Equipped with Dirac 3D Audio


Gaming headset brand Tritton is equipping its all-new Kunai Pro with Dirac 3D Audio – a pioneering digital audio solution that enables an unparalleled level of 360-degree immersion and externalization over headphones.

The Tritton Kunai Pro is also equipped with a custom-tailored Dirac HD Sound headphone optimization solution. The underlying technology corrects headphones’ frequency and impulse responses for a pristine sound that’s ideal for music listening. The dual-solution headset allows users to toggle between the Dirac-optimized sound modes: Dirac 3D Audio (supports up to 7.1 surround sound), for surround sound games and videos , and Dirac HD Sound, for stereo sound music and games.  The headphones are available for purchase on Amazon