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About Dirac

At Dirac, we’re passionate about sound. Wherever or however you enjoy audio, we give your audio system the power to push beyond its physical limitations. We transform your car into a mobile HiFi room. Headphone listening becomes a fully immersive experience, your studio is optimized for accurate listening, and your mobile device turns into a pocket-sized entertainment center.

Our Story

It all started as a research project at the Signals and Systems group at Uppsala University in the 1990s. A few professors and engineering students thought of a way to revolutionize the world of sound through digital signal processing. The idea was based on the fact that all parts of a sound system degrade the sound quality to some extent, and by the time the sound reaches the listener, it’s remotely the same as what was on the recording.

Why can’t we measure these distortions and remove them through digital signal processing? That way, better sound experiences could be obtained without any hardware changes! It would revolutionize the world of sound and make great sound available to everyone. The results of these research projects were so convincing, they attracted the attention of Sweden’s finance community, and the company Dirac was born in 2001. It was named for the British physicist and Nobel laureate behind the mathematical function that lies at the heart of Dirac’s first pioneering innovation. Based on a vision to bring out the best possible sound experience from every sound system on the planet through digital signal processing, two professors and four PhD students started a company which 20 years later has changed the world of sound.

What we do

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A world-renowned audio technology company

Today, Dirac is a world-renowned audio tech company specializing in digital audio optimization. Regardless of where or how you’re listening: be it an automobile, home entertainment system, mobile phone, or a gaming headset. We deliver a sound experience that will amaze you.

And the world has heard our message. Automobile, audio equipment, and smartphone manufacturers are embracing our patented technology that is causing their consumers to sit up and listen. Companies like Rolls Royce, Harman, NAD, Volvo, Datasat, and BMW have found a new way to enhance customer satisfaction and profits. Learn more about our customers, partners and distributors.