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Our Vision

We are here to change the world of sound. We’ll change people’s expectations of what sound should be, making good sound relevant in their lives. We’ll perfect all aspects of your listening experience and constantly push ourselves to invent the future of sound. We will define what people will expect. We dare tell them, “we can make sound better.”

Our Mission

Our Values

Our core values are passion, courage, commitment and impact. Values that affect our everyday work, our behavior and attitude.

Our Values (pdf)

Woman passionately listening to music


Passion is in our roots and in our soul. That’s how it started. With the passion for better sound. Passion is our engine.

We are a company of passionate people. Driven by curiosity and a desire to learn more, to innovate. Passionate about making sound better for the many, not only for the few. Passionate about customer success and team success, and not least, about our products. Passionate about our own contribution.

Diracs value: Courage. Man walking over a big hanging bridge.


Courage to us is about integrity, focus, and trust. WE face challenges with curiosity and determination to solve them.

We support each other in trying – this is how we grow. We have the courage to speak out. We have the courage to be wrong. We have the courage to stand up for our culture – and make tough decisions when needed. We have a humble attitude and the courage to be vulnerable.

Image of showing commitment by working together


We are committed to our colleagues, customers, partners, and Dirac as a company. We CARE, and we show it.

Teamwork is vital for us – we win together, as a team. We trust each other and live up to each other’s trust. We are open, honest, and respectful. We give our teammates feedback right away and help them grow. We seek to understand first, then be understood. We are proud of what we do. We have fun!

Image of water droplet impacting water


We are here to CHANGE the world of sound. Customer value is our focus. We are entrepreneurial and creative when delivering world-class sound to the many.

We are pioneers and take the lead in first-class innovations of sound technology. In all respects, we take responsibility for being a long-term, world-class sound supplier. We engage with customers on all levels and gather insights. We steer our offering long-term based on customer needs. Simplicity guides us in our work and our value propositions. We are highly productive and focus on sustainable, differentiated, and scalable customer value. We make a difference through sound by expanding the way we sense and experience the world!