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Dirac makes everything sound its best

Dirac is all about giving you the best sound possible. Regardless of what you’re listening to and where, we make it sound better. In your car, at your computer, on your headphones, or even in your home. Our digital audio solutions help whatever you’re listening to sound more pristine, immersive, and dynamic. We are uniquely positioned to bring you that amazing sound thanks to our patented algorithms that address the root of audio problems, creating an expanded and natural soundscape that envelopes you. This is the way sound should be.

Improving audio across a broad range of applications

Our technology is helping automotive manufacturers deliver great sound to every seat. Dirac is helping headphone and mobile phone brands achieve an optimized sound with a spatial experience from miniature speakers. Streaming services and content creators are also discovering the difference Dirac can make – and their customers are loving it!

Image of a Sound wave. Starts a film about Dirac.

Dirac gives consumers great quality sound

Wherever people are, we want to provide them with a personalized state-of-the-art listening space. Our solutions can make your present audio system sound so much better with greater immersion, more accurate staging, better clarity, and a deeper and tighter bass free of unwanted resonance. Regardless of content. With Dirac, your audio will be more detailed and realistic, music richer, and conversations clearer.

  • [Active Room Treatment] is extremely clever, and it means that with Dirac’s system, acoustically treating your listening room is no longer a concern, and the area of the ‘sweet spot’ practically becomes as big as the entire space between the speakers.

    AJ Wykes at SoundGuys
  • Our customers expect the ultimate in every experience and Dirac provides the ultimate within digital signal processing.

    Mike Hanks at Bentley Motors
  • “Whenever my studio is running, Dirac Live room correction is running. It has really helped me in my mix process because I can hear things more clearly. I’m not getting any colorization from the room and I can get a truer representation of what’s going down. It’s massively helpful.”

    Dom Brown Guitarist for Duran Duran

    Partners are benefiting from Dirac implementation

    Well-known audio brands are partnering with Dirac to increase competitiveness and revenue streams. We help them save time and money and make it easier to obtain an optimal and more consistent signature sound – even in less than perfect environments.

    Dirac is trusted worldwide by top brands, consumers, professional studios, and audiophiles alike to deliver a superior audio experience. A transparent, optimized, immersive sound, regardless of content, device, or space.

    Discover the difference Dirac makes.