Audi Driving Experience Center,
Neuburg an der Donau (Bavaria), Germany, 
September 11–13, 2019


The role of audio in the automotive industry has changed greatly. No longer regarded as merely a component of the infotainment system, audio has become a new power that influences the sound of cars, shapes the holistic user experience and creates entirely new use cases – as electronics, software, connectivity and autonomous driving all grow in importance.

AES 2019 AA will gather the leading global authorities in the space – including experts at Dirac – to discuss and present on the new solutions, insights and possibilities pertinent to the automotive industry as it undergoes its next wave of change.

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Dirac at AES 2019 AA


Day 1: 3:45 - 4:15 PM, Meeting room first floor

Paper Session: Virtual Tuning – A Mixed Approach Based on Measured RTFs

Dirac Sensaround VR - sound optimization technology

In this paper session, Dr. Adrian Bahne (Dirac) together with Hans Lahti (Harman) will present a mixed in-situ/virtual approach that can easily be extended to a full virtual process. The mixed approach presented is implemented today (commercially available to licensees under the name Dirac FilterLab) and clearly shows the benefits inherent to a virtual tuning flow. The match between the presented approach and in-situ validation measurements is investigated and indicates the validity and usability of the presented approach.


Day 2: 10:30 - 12:00 PM, Meeting room first floor

Panel Discussion: Automotive Audio System - Today and in Future - Holistic System Design 


Participants: Dr. Adrian Bahne (Dirac), Wolfram Jaehn (Audi), Markus Koch (Byton), Martin Olsen (Harman), Jose Marin (QNX), Thomas Wuerdinger (BMW), Jonatan Ewald (Volvo)

Moderator: Greg Sikora (Harman)


Day 3: 09:30 - 10:30 AM,  Meeting room first floor

Workshop: Assessment of Sound Systems



Jonathan Ewald (Volvo)

Moderator: Lars Carlsson (Dirac)


The Dirac Experts


Dr. Adrian Bahne

• Product Owner Audio Engineering Tools at Dirac

• Received the PhD degree in Signal Processing from Uppsala University in 2014

• Professional background as a Product Manager Automotive, Dirac, Trainee at BMW and Montvale, NJ, and as a Research Engineer at Dirac

Lars C _portrait2 new.jpg

Lars Carlsson

• General Manager Automotive Audio at Dirac

• More than 25 years of experience in NVH, simulations and testing in different leadership positions, including several years of sales of software and advanced test equipment


More Dirac Insights on Automotive Audio


Paper from AES 144th Convention 2018

Fidelity of Low Frequency Reproduction in Cars in a Sound Field Control Context

Overall sound quality of factory-delivered automotive sound systems has reached a very high standard. Particularly branded high-end systems comprise great components and are well-tuned. The low frequency reproduction in automotive sound systems is, however, typically flawed. The most prominent flaw consists of resonant bass reproduction and undesirable spectral decay characteristics with strong ringing in wide frequency bands. To overcome this challenge, we adapt an algorithm allowing for simultaneous equalization of multiple channels, assuring full exploitation of the acoustic degrees of freedom inherent to a multichannel system. The sound field can be spatially controlled, yielding a uniform and tight reproduction of low frequencies in all regions of interest throughout the car compartment, with controlled and improved spectral decay characteristics.

This paper contributed by Dirac is available in the AES E-LIBRARY


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Dirac Solutions for Automotive Audio