Dirac HD Sound

A fundamental sound optimization

Dirac HD Sound® optimizes all types of sound systems outfitted with a loudspeaker or transducer, from home speakers and mobile devices to headphones. 


Dirac Sensaround

Immersive sound from any headphones

Dirac Sensaround® widens and externalizes the soundstage of headphone playback, creating an immersive multi-dimensional listening experience unlike any other solution. 


Dirac Panorama Sound

Sound field externalization for small speakers

Dirac Panorama Sound® delivers immersive sound unlike anything you’ve ever heard from your smartphones, tablets, Bluetooth speakers, sound bars, handheld game consoles and TVs.


Dirac Power Sound

Audio performance optimization for small speakers

Dirac Power Sound® combines several different technologies that work together to dramatically enhance the audio performance of small speakers. 


Dirac Room Calibration

Digital speaker and room correction

Dirac Room Calibration™ is an easy-to-use room correction software newly developed by Dirac. Tailored for Android and iOS devices, it enables you to easily correct your  listening room and speakers with mobile devices.


Dirac Live

Digital speaker and room correction

Dirac Live® is an advanced software solution that utilizes sophisticated analysis of the speakers and the room to correct the room colorations, yielding astonishing improvements in sound quality.


Dirac Unison

Co-optimize multiple speakers

Dirac Unison® enables speakers within a system to work together to optimally reproduce each input channel– something that was previously impossible. 


Dirac Virtual Center

Distinct virtual center for all passengers

Dirac Virtual Center™ technology processes the audio signals to ensure that you are listening to the music as if you were always within the sweet spot, regardless of your actual position in the car.