Dirac Bass™ is our latest breakthrough solution that enables smartphones and portable speakers to reproduce bass that is deeper with higher transparency than ever before.




  • Extends perceived bass tone by up to 3 octaves

  • Enables bass tones as deep as 30Hz to be audible

  • Reproduces natural, clean, and balanced deep bass

  • Is the perfect for smartphones and portable speakers



The bass challenge in small speakers


In speakers, bass performance is all about moving as much air as possible. However, micro-speakers, like those used in smartphones or portable speakers, cannot move the amount of air required to reproduce the really deep bass content that is key to a rich listening experience. Dirac Bass™ solves this problem by combining a classic psychoacoustic approach with new breakthroughs in digital signal processing.


Similar approach, different algorithm


Dirac Bass™ begins by leveraging the classic psychoacoustic approach to bass reproduction, which is nothing new. The approach states that our hearing leads us to believe that there is a lower fundamental tone in a sound when, in reality, it’s merely a combination of artificially generated overtones that are several octaves higher.

Compared to similar solutions, Dirac adopts completely new and advanced sound processing techniques to create accurate and clean overtones to “trick” our brains to believe what we hear is the original deep bass in the audio files. To do this, the breakthrough solution utilizes a dynamic NLD (non-linear device) that replaces the bass tones with the overtones most suitable for a given input signal with analysis and calculation in real time.


Deeper yet more transparent bass


Thanks to Dirac Bass’s breakthrough proprietary algorithm that features detailed control of the artificially-generated overtones, the audible region extends to up to 3 octaves. This enables bass tones as deep as 30 Hz to be audible in smartphone speakers.

Furthermore, it has been long a challenge for the industry to achieve deeper bass based on the psychoacoustic principle – without losing the transparency and while featuring a natural and balanced sound. However, with Dirac Bass, both are realized, and users can hear deeper, lower yet cleaner bass with the original characters preserved – just as the artists intended – from tiny speakers.



For Manufacturers

Lower risk for speaker damage

When micro-speakers attempt to produce pure bass tones, they easily get over-driven, causing audible distortion and ultimately speaker damage. By shifting bass tones to higher frequencies, Dirac Bass improves the health and longevity of the speakers.

Room for louder sound

The removal of some of the original bass content results in new headroom for speaker excursion. This then can be exploited to increase the loudness of the full band playback.

Freedom to use smaller speakers

Dirac Bass™ also allows manufacturers to utilize smaller speakers – which often cost less – while still delivering a significant upgrade in bass reproduction. These smaller Dirac Bass-enabled speakers require less power to be driven, which results in extended battery life for power-constrained mobile devices.


Dirac Bass™ is used exclusively in conjunction with Dirac Panorama Sound or Dirac Power Sound, Dirac’s suites of sound optimization solutions for mobile devices.

Sub-optimal bass performance can be the product of speaker driver properties or any other downstream post-processing audio system component. However, regardless of the cause, Dirac Bass is the ideal solution to improve the bass reproduction of any small speaker setup.

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