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About Dirac Live Room Correction Suite

Full Version for 8 channels and Stereo Version for 2 channels only (stereo speakers)
For many, the personal computer serves as both their music library and the basis for their sound system. Whether you use a PC- or Mac-based audio system, the Dirac Live Room Correction Suite™ -Full Version for 8 channels (home theater and surround sound system) or Stereo Version, helps listeners to correct for one of the weakest components in the audio chain: the listening room.

Dirac Live corrects the frequency response and also the impulse response of the loudspeakers in a room, yielding improved imaging and timbre, improved room acoustics, better clarity, tighter bass, less early reflections as well as reduced resonances and room modes. The market leader in room correction, this sophisticated algorithm is used in high-end AVRs, in luxury car sound systems from companies such as Rolls Royce, BMW and Bentley, as well as in thousands of high-end digital cinema theaters across the world.

The Dirac Live room correction software:

  • Can optimize audio in any listening room and put you face to face with the recorded artist.

  • Gives the audio system a natural sound with increased musical and vocal clarity.

  • Deepens the bass, removes resonances and improves room acoustics.

  • Is a cost-effective option to expensive room treatment


The price for Dirac Live Room Correction Suite - Full Version is: 650 Euros.

The price for Dirac Live Room Correction Suite - Stereo Version is: 389 Euros.

You will receive 25% commission on every purchase that is linked from your website.

Learn more about Dirac Live Room Correction Suite.

Read more about the technology behind Dirac Live and room correction.

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