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Bob Bronow on Dirac Live

August 26, 2022

In a brand new interview with Creative Cow–an online source for professionals working in film, video, and audio–the Emmy Award-winning sound designer and re-recording mixer Bob Bronow explains how he uses Dirac Live and why he loves it!

“Dirac allows me to basically tune my room in surround, and it would basically use whatever filters it needed to compensate for irregularities or inadequacies in the room. So I felt confident when I did my work here, and when I went into a proper studio with clients, I wouldn’t be sitting there with my foot in my mouth going “well, it sounded really good in my house”.

When asked how Dirac has helped him improve his mixes, Bob´s answer illustrates how useful Dirac Live is for his work process.

“Like anything that can help improve your mixes, Dirac Live helps me hear better. It lets me really hear what’s there and not there. When I was making changes where I was doing a lot of big cuts and different frequencies, it helped me trust the room, and I didn’t have to second-guess myself.”

See the full video above.