Adrian Bahne


Adrian Bahne, Product Manager, Automotive

What brought you to Dirac?
During my undergraduate studies I worked at the BMW audio lab in München as an intern and working student. During that time, BMW decided to go for Dirac Live and became Dirac’s first automotive customer. Naturally, the Dirac guys were around the lab quite often during that time. What they did was the coolest thing I’d ever seen or heard. I got totally excited about what Dirac does and can achieve. Long story short, I successfully managed to hassle Dirac into allowing me to write my master’s thesis in Uppsala, packed my bags, and moved to Sweden in the autumn of 2007. I’ve been affiliated with Dirac ever since.

What is the coolest thing you're working on right now?
Easy one! Dirac FilterLab, our new tuning tool platform. We have a history of creating great algorithms and technologies. However, their greatness has not traditionally been reflected in the tuning tools. Things have changed and we now offer a smooth tuning experience for our products Dirac Unison and Dirac Virtual Center. We are constantly improving Dirac FilterLab, and more of our technologies and cool features will be added throughout 2018. This is by far the coolest thing I’ve been working with: As a team creating something that makes a real positive difference for our customers in their daily work. The positive feedback we’ve received from them confirms that we have chosen the right path, and motivates us to improve things further.

What types of music do you usually listen to? What is your favourite music genre?

Aww, man, this is hip hop
Hands up if you forever a fan of hip hop
I wake up hip hop, go to sleep hip hop
Dream about hip hop, ‘cause I am hip hop

I’m with Joell Ortiz on this one. Besides that, reggae, soul, punk, metal. In general, you’ll find music with energy in my playlists and collection.

What concert is the best one you have ever attended?
Difficult to name the one best concert, but I’d put these in my top three without a doubt:
DJ Premier, Muffathalle, München, 2011
Hoffmaestro, Skeppsholmen, Stockholm, 2011
10 Jahre Samy Deluxe, Docks, Hamburg, 2005

What do you do in your free time?
Besides being a sneaker aficionado, my love of music has been an important part of my life. Currently, DJing and digging vinyl records gets a lot of my attention. Me and my brother organize a regular event at Milla Club in München called “Can you Dig It?” Tired of getting bad requests while DJing, we created this event to promote unknown or lesser known songs that get the people going on the dance floor. To make the challenge real for us and the DJs we invite, anybody who knows the artist and title of a record we play gets a free drink. In addition, I strictly use vinyl only. Other than that, I play in bars in München, with a regular set every third Thursday of the month at Valentin Stüberl. If you’re in town, you’re more than welcome to come by for a beer and some nice music!