Mikael Andersson

Dirac Research AB

Mikael Andersson, Lead System Designer and Project Manager

What is the best thing about your job?

Being allowed and encouraged to take initiative, getting to exercise the width as well as depth of my skills, and having great freedom of creative and artistic expression in my designs. My work matters for the company and leaves an imprint.

What brought you to Dirac?

The opportunity to work with technical aspects of advanced audio technology. Music and sound is a life-long passion and, as a so-called technically-oriented artist type of person, it is a close to perfect combination of technology and art. I am part of creating modern magic for improving the more sensual qualities of life.

What is the best thing about Uppsala being Dirac’s headquarters?

Uppsala is a relaxing town that actually lacks for nothing. It’s a world-level academic nexus, yet at the same time it manages to retain its small city charms. Uppsala is not a bustling metropolis but everything you need is available: nature is close at hand, the atmosphere is relaxed and the academic level is astoundingly high.

What is your favourite band? Who is your favourite singer?

Queen and Pink Floyd.

What is playing in your headphones while you are working?

Extremely varied. Metal or rock (primarily ‘70s and ‘80s) if it is noisy at the office, sometimes modern experimental electronica and quite often audio test tracks :).

Which musical instrument do you like most?

Rhodes piano and Hammond organ. And cello. And vibraphone for some reason. And Theremin.

What is your most favourite PC game ever?

Oldies and goodies: Origin Systems' Ultima IV and Mindscape’s Dark Omen.