Viktor Gunnarsson 

Dirac Research AB

Viktor Gunnarsson, Senior Research Engineer, Core Tech  

What do you do at Dirac?

I am a sound researcher and engineer. I turn ideas into products for people who like to listen to music, allowing them to have better experiences.

I believe music helps us enjoy all facets of life. It is hard to describe the purpose of music scientifically, but creating the experience is both a science and an art.

What is it like working for Dirac?

I think we have developed a nice company culture. After many years as a startup we’ve managed to keep the elements of flexibility and creativity in our work, and an environment where everyone can contribute their ideas. But now that we have "grown up,” people have more stable roles. It is very enjoyable to work with all of the talented and enthusiastic people here and it is stimulating to work for a company that is growing fast and has interesting plans for the future.

What is your best sound experience?

I guess I should mention some concert I went to, but some of the best experiences I’ve had happened at home using speakers I built myself, carefully tuned but otherwise under simple circumstances.

Which question do you usually get when you tell people what you work with?

Should I buy this or that stereo equipment?” I guess all people in the audio industry get bugged with this question :).

What did you want to become when you were a kid?

First I wanted to be a drummer. Then I found my curious side, I wanted to know how things worked. At a young age I opened radios, set loudspeakers on fire, or played them under water just to see what would happen.