The future of room acoustics software arrives at CEDIA 2O19

Come to our booth #3235 and speak to Lisa, Head of Development regarding Dirac Live Bass Management and how it can become an essential tool in your work – soon to debut in units from Arcam, JBL Synthesis, NAD, and StormAudio.

Master class session on room acoustics, bass management and the future of home theater systems with intelligent audio

Do not miss the chance to participate in a master class with Dirac Head of Product Management Jakob Ågren. A 9O-minute session on the importance of digital room correction, including an inside look at its debuting Dirac Live Bass Management solution.

The master class will take place

  • Date: Wednesday, September 11th

  • Time: 1O:3O AM - 12:OO PM

  • Location: Room 1A


The annual CEDIA show unveils the latest in home theater speakers, subs, and processors. However, even the most high-end hardware suffers from performance deficiencies – ones that can only be resolved through an understanding of the room itself.

Once sound waves leave speakers and subs, they bounce throughout the room and collide with one another to create crossover areas with uneven bass distribution; some areas have strong bass while others weak and even no bass.

It’s an issue that has long-plagued home theatre performance, until now...

Dirac Live Bass Management measures and phase corrects a system’s speakers and subs to produce enhanced bass clarity and purity, and improved bass tone evenness throughout an entire room.

The unique solution moves home theatre performance one step closer to perfect sound – and it’s making its market debut next month at CEDIA 2O19.



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