LAS VEGAS | JAN 8-11, 2O19


Take a Moment to Experience the Future of Sound at CES 2019

Dirac believes that better sound creates better life moments – road trips with friends, movie nights with family, game-play with teams across the world, even long solitary commutes to and from work. Better sound turns an average moment into an exceptional experience that transcends the ordinary.

We know this because we’ve experienced it. All of us at Dirac have been profoundly moved by a perfected sound experience, and, as a result, we strive every day to pioneer the solutions that will allow the world to join us in our understanding and appreciation.

At CES 2019, we’re unveiling our latest breakthrough solutions – Dirac Bass, Dirac 3D Audio, and Dirac Live Bass Management. We will also exhibit some of our most acclaimed solutions for all kinds of devices – from performance enhancement for speakers and headphones, to immersive audio and 3D audio for smartphones, gaming headsets, VR/AR headsets and more.

We welcome you to take a moment at CES to experience the power and beauty of sound, perfected by Dirac.


Location: The Westgate Suite 63O, adjacent to the Las Vegas Convention Center



Sneak Peek at Dirac - CES 2O19

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Dirac Sensaround VR - sound optimization technology

Dirac Live Bass Management

Traditional bass management requires repeated audio tests and location adjustments for one or multiple subwoofers to optimize any attenuation in the lower frequencies in the listening area. Dirac Live Bass Management ensures that subwoofers deliver a specific range of frequencies that produce a smoother, tighter bass experience, while creating optimal sound reproduction for each specific room. This is combined with the ability to predict results with the help of a visual representation of the predicted bass performance. The add-on module to Dirac Live defeats repeated time-consuming adjustments, offers potential savings for consumers who can now achieve enhanced bass performance from a single subwoofer and at the same time improves the bass performance.


Dirac Live is a digital room correction technology available for AVR, stereo and audio processor manufacturers. Bass management is a add-on module for Dirac Live.

3D Audio Rendering for Gaming and More

As the key component of the Dirac 3D Audio portfolio, Dirac 3D Rendering delivers an immersive 3D audio experience that is ideal for gaming headphones. The technology is now ready for complete integration by headphone manufacturers, game producers, smartphone OEM’s and chip manufacturers.


For gaming headphone manufacturers, smartphone OEM’s, game producers, AR/VR device manufacturers, and chip manufacturers.

Breakthrough Bass Enhancement Solution for Portable Devices

Dirac Bass™ is our latest breakthrough solution that enables smartphones and portable speakers to reproduce bass that is deeper with higher transparency than ever before. The solution enables bass tones as deep as 30 Hz to be audible in smartphone speakers.


For manufacturers of smartphones, PCs, tablets, smart speakers and portable speakers. The solution is used exclusively in conjunction with Dirac Panorama Sound or Dirac Power Sound, Dirac’s suites of sound optimization solutions for mobile devices.

Immersive Soundstage and Enhanced Sound quality for Headphone Music Listening

Our headphone optimization solutions offer optimized sound quality with a natural sound externalization that is ideal for music listening. You will hear the differences we make on some of the most popular headphones on the market at CES 2019.


For headphone manufacturers, music streaming service providers and smartphone manufacturers.

Wider Soundstage and Enhanced Sound Quality for Speakers

From immersive audio, with Dirac Panorama Sound®, to louder, more powerful audio, with Dirac Power Sound®, our suite of digital audio optimization solutions for small speakers has long redefined the mobile listening experience. At CES 2019, we will demonstrate the suites of solutions on devices from smartphones to portable speakers.


For manufacturers of smartphones, PCs, tablets, AR/VR devices, sound bars and chips.

The World Leading Sound Optimization Solutions for Automotive

For over a decade we’ve used our sophisticated sound quality optimization, sound field control and room correction solutions to bring pristine sound to drivers and passengers around the world. Contact us to learn more about our latest digital sound optimization solutions for automotive or book a meeting with us at CES 2019!


For automotive audio system providers and automotive manufacturers.



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