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Cleer ALPHA Video Review

March 11, 2022

We have previously noticed some great reviews of Cleer ALPHA ANC Headphones. Many reviewers also specifically praise the Dirac function of the headphones, such as this one from New Stuff TV. The reviewer describes it as feeling that the Dirac function opens up the listening experience:

The music sounds fantastic! You’re getting your mids, your highs; everything is on point, where it’s supposed to be. But then they got this Dirac VirtuoTM technology here where it just kind of opens everything up. I did not have it on because I just wanted to try it out without it, and I was just going back and forth. And what it does, it takes your music and adds some air to it. Adds some fresh air.”

He further describes the experience as follows:

It almost feels like you do not have headphones, you’re just sitting in your living room jamming and you got some speakers around. And it’s not a 360 experience where you look in different directions and get a different sensation. It just adds more sound stage or just fresh air into your music. It’s something you got to try for yourself!

Watch the full review here.