Compatibility and limitations

What platforms does it work on?

Dirac HD Player works with iPhone 5, iPhone 4S,  iPhone 4, and iPod Touch (4th generation or later) with iOS 5.1 or later. In version 1.1, it has been updated to also make full use of the 1136 x 640screen resolution (iPhone 5 and iPod Touch 5th gen).

Why only for Apple Earphones and EarPods?

To keep it simple for iPhone/iPod Touch users and to provide an alternative to buying more expensive earphones/headphones.

Does the player work with copies of the iPhone earphones?

No, you need to make sure that you use original Apple Earphones or EarPods that have been manufactured and quality controlled by Apple. Copied earphones will have different attributes so the quality of the sound optimization will not be as good.

Why only playback from the iTunes library?

iTunes has a large user base and we like to keep things simple for the best user experience. Please let us know if you want support for a particular format! 

Is it possible to make the app compatible with the whole iPhone sound system?

It is not technically possible on the current iOS platform.

Some songs do not play. Why?

There can be a couple of reasons:

• When playing songs from iCloud (or iTunes Match), there can be glitches. Dirac HD Player cannot play the song while it is downloading. Please download the song completely to your local iTunes library before attempting to play it in Dirac HD Player. We have a special section about this here.

• Some content (songs or audio books) is protected by DRM (Digital Rights Management) and cannot be accessed by third party software such as the Dirac HD Player app.

•  There can also be an issue with some content that will not play due to unsupported coding.

In either case, Dirac HD Player will try to open the song once and mark it as unplayable ("grayed out") if it fails. Once Dirac HD Player has been updated to a later version on your device, it will try to open any song again.

Tip: Some songs that were not playing under iOS 5.1 became playable after upgrading to iOS 6, so consider this if you did not take that step yet!

Can you explain in a simple way about the technology behind this?

Yes, please see Dirac HD Sound.

Why doesn't it work with Spotify or similar players?

Because they are different apps and Dirac HD Player can't access the sound from other apps - only from the iTunes library.

When comparing, I hear a difference between the bypass mode in Dirac HD Player and the iPhone's built in Music Player.

You are likely to have activated the built in music player's EQ function. Go to Settings -> Music and make sure that the EQ is turned off. Now there will be no difference between Dirac HD Player (with disabled optimization) and the iPhone's built in music player. The difference will show when you switch Dirac HD Sound to ON in Dirac HD Player.

Why is the volume reduced?

As a result of the Dirac HD Sound processing, which among oher things corrects for distortion in the frequency domain, sound level is reduced or boosted at certain frequencies. This difference is more obvious in some sorts of music than in other. On the other hand, you should sense more presence in the overall musical performance and the available volume should be more than enough for safe listening.

I can't see my music listings. Where are they?

Don't worry. This can happen occasionally but nothing has been lost. To solve this, first try to restart Dirac HD Player. If this does not work then try to restart your iPhone and your lists will be there again. This is a known bug and we are working on solving it.

Why can't I change the earphone model in Settings>Dirac?

A small bug that will be fixed soon requires you to have some music playing in the Dirac HD Player for your changed setting to take effect. You can always see for which earphone model the sound is being optimized in the Dirac panel (press the Dirac-button in the lower right of the player to show/hide the Dirac panel).

Why doesn't it sound better for me?

This is probably due to one of the following reasons:

• You have chosen the wrong controller setting. Please go to Settings -> Dirac/Dirac Lite and make sure that the selected controller matches your earphones. Please note that this has to be done while playing music and the changes will take effect once you return to the player.

• Your earphones are not supported. Dirac HD Player currently only works with the Apple Earphones (4/4s/Touch) and the Apple EarPods. Also, the earphones have to be original and not copies since they have different acoustic properties.