Did you know that your speakers and headphones can sound significantly better in a matter of seconds? No need to replace any parts. Simply grab your smartphone for instant access to optimization technologies via Dirac Connect.



Tailored digital optimization solutions


Dirac Connect is a cloud-based platform that hosts a goldmine of digital sound optimization solutions tailored to your speakers and headphones. The optimizations are adapted to work with specific headphone and speaker models and unleash their fullest potential for extraordinary listening experiences.

The optimization solutions hosted on the platform utilize Dirac technologies, including Dirac Power Sound, Dirac Panorama Sound, Dirac HD Sound, and Dirac Sensaround.


The optimization results vary depending on the technology used. Dirac Power Sound maximizes the sound quality of portable speakers, while Dirac Panorama Sound not only enhances speakers’ sound quality, but also helps produce a wide surrounding sound stage. For headphones, Dirac HD Sound improves sound reproduction, and Dirac Sensaround delivers immersive sound.



How it works

Dirac Connect is not a downloadable app, but a service licensed to mobile manufacturers and content providers. Once a manufacturer or content provider has obtained the license, their official online store or app will gain access to Dirac Connect. End users are then able to select and download different audio optimization solutions tailored to their headphones and speakers. Users can test the technologies for a given period, then purchase them only if they’re convinced.



So easy to enable Dirac Connect


By enabling Dirac Connect in our Android Integration Package, a smartphone manufacturer can open up this saleable feature via its ROM-based apps, such as music or movie players, or the sound section of the Settings app.

For content providers, we provide a software library that enables access to Dirac Connect and applies the selected audio optimization to the decoded content within the streaming client app itself.



Premiered in Smartisan smartphones


We’ve partnered with the Chinese smartphone manufacturer Smartisan to bring Dirac Connect to their customers in a pilot test, and it’s been a huge success. Smartisan users can easily gain access to the tailor-made Dirac HD Sound optimization for their headphones.



“With Dirac optimization on, my headphones sound much more balanced and natural.”

Sta, Smartisan web forum


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