Customer Engineer

Customer Engineer for Fast Growing Audio Technology Company in Uppsala, Sweden

Dirac Research is looking for a Customer Engineer who will be an important addition to our Mobile – Customer Services team. To ensure that our audio optimization software package is well adapted to the next generation of smartphones, we need a trustworthy expert that will be able to travel to Asia, primarily China, and work with our clients on-site for several weeks at a time.

Although traveling is a central part of this role, you will officially be part of our Swedish development team. Your main tasks will include assessing our clients’ requests, conveying to them what is technically feasible and finally, breaking down their requirements into attainable goals for the Dirac HQ software development team.

Using your troubleshooting and communication skills to help identify software problems on real-case customer projects, you will act as a link between our clients, our local software support team in China, and our software developers in Uppsala.

The position is demanding and challenging, as you will often be working with technical limitations and highly demanding clients, but also creative and rewarding, as your work and ideas will be used by millions of smartphone users worldwide. Our engineering team will help you get settled in your new role, but you will quickly need to become self-sufficient and skilled in our various software packages. 


Required Skills

- Problem solving -

You need to have a great interest in all things technical and thrive on analyzing problems and narrowing them down to their fundamentals. Although you will have the full support from the Dirac team, you may not always have access to quick feedback while on-site with clients. This means that you need to excel at working independently, as well as with the team. Final code reviews, commits and testing will always be handled together with the Uppsala development team, but you may be required to make prototype fixes independently while on-site with the clients.

- Communication -

You will be in daily contact with our Chinese software support team, gathering and summarizing information to provide our Uppsala based teams with accurate and relevant data so they can make informed decisions in their software development. We always strive to assist our clients in a timely manner, so it is crucial that you are an efficient communicator.

- Software development -

In order to provide excellent on-site support and technical advice, you need to be an experienced programmer. When you are not working directly with our clients, you will be contributing to our regular software development, staying updated with our latest code and providing extra software development resources. It is required that you have previous experience with programming C and C++. Experience with Android development, Java, AOSP, Git, and/or agile development is preferred, but not required.



Working with our clients on-site in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen will take approximately 30% of your time. The remaining time can be divided between our offices in Uppsala and Shanghai, but it’s safe to assume that you will need to spend a large portion of your time in Uppsala.


Language Skills

It is essential that you are proficient in both spoken and written English. Knowledge of Chinese is highly preferred; Swedish is a bonus.

We warmly welcome female applicants to this position.

Candidates will be interviewed continuously, so we encourage you to apply as soon as possible. Please email your CV and cover letter in English to us at If you have questions regarding the position, contact Rickard Åsén at, and for more information about Dirac, visit


About Dirac

Dirac is a world-renowned audio technology company and one of the hottest IT companies in Sweden on a mission to invent the future of sound. Dirac’s team of engineers and scientists deliver solutions for mobile, automotive, residential and commercial environments through inspired innovation and a keen sense of evolving market trends. Our digital sound optimization technologies have been adopted by some of the most respected and recognizable electronics manufacturers spanning the globe. Smartphone manufacturers license Dirac technology and embed our sound processing on Android devices for a better mobile sound experience. We offer our customers libraries as well as full Android integrations. Dirac Research maintains its headquarters in Uppsala, Sweden and has representatives in Japan, USA, Korea, Germany and China.