The best listening experiences on the road are the ones that make you forget you’re in the car. Dirac Dimensions uses sophisticated algorithms and “virtual” speakers to transform your car into your favorite listening environment, delivering a pristine, fully immersive listening experience that makes you feel like you’re “actually there.”


An advanced room transformation technology

Dirac Dimensions™ works by leveraging several loudspeakers within the car to alter the actual sound field in the listening environment. By placing “virtual” speakers outside of the car, Dirac Dimensions can reproduce the characteristics of entirely different rooms, both in size and shape, to create a true 5.1 listening experience for all passengers in the car – without artifacts.


  • Surround sound in all seats
  • Overcomes difficult speaker placements
  • Makes small spaces sound like large rooms
  • Eliminates the need for up-mixing algorithms. If you have enough speakers you simply add virtual channels to match the channel count of the material
  • Improved staging (localization of sound events)


Analyze, draw and transform


First, Dirac Dimensions’ measurement and design tool conducts a sophisticated analysis of each loudspeaker’s acoustic response throughout the car. Using this data as a reference, it’s time to draw a new room in the Dirac Dimensions room editor, place virtual speakers at desired locations and define other target parameters for the desired sound. Finally, with the mere push of a button you can transform your car’s physical sound field in way you never thought possible, extending the sound field as if the speakers were placed outside the car. 


A unified framework


Traditionally, tuning a car sound system involves numerous steps, such as frequency response tuning of each speaker, setting cross-overs, setting levels and delays per speaker, sum-response tuning, up-mixing, etc. Dirac Dimensions unifies all this into a single step, achieving 

perfect summation of subwoofers and mid/hi-ranges by optimizing them all together. Delay and level discrepancies between speakers are introduced automatically to achieve a given target stage, and each physical speaker is tuned in the time- and frequency domain to achieve the desired reference listening environments. 


For eight or more speakers


Generally, Dirac Dimensions requires a minimum eight speakers to work properly. However, these requirements depend on the particular use case, and the technology is currently used by premium carmakers such as BMW and Rolls Royce.


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