Dirac Dimensions – More technical information



Tailored for automotive OEMs


Packaged in software together with a purpose-made microphone array, Dirac Dimensions uses a powerful work process tailored specially for automotive OEMs, and offers experienced audio engineers more flexibility and control to achieve the best possible result in a limited time.


Detailed process


  1. A large number of measurements for each speaker are carried out in a special-purpose measurement array.
  2. A reference room and reference speaker layout is designed in the Dirac Dimensions software. Speaker placements, wall characteristics, and other parameters can be adjusted.
  3. Based on the reference design, the software simulates impulse responses corresponding to the various measurement positions in the reference room.
  4. A filter matrix is then optimized based on the measured response and the desired responses derived in step 3 in order to create the best possible fit to the reference sound field.


 Read more about some of the technical details behind Dirac Dimensions in “Sound Field Control Using a Limited Number of Loudspeakers”, co-authored by Mathias Johansson, Lars-Johan Brännmark, Adrian Bahne and Mikael Sternad, presented at the AES 36th International Conference: Automotive Audio - Sound in Motion, Dearborn, MI, June 2009.