LAS VEGAS | JAN 9-12, 2O18


2017 has been an exciting year for Dirac. Our groundbreaking sound technologies for AR/VR, mobile, automotive, as well as home & entertainment, were further recognized by the industry and covered by media around the world.

Leading consumer technology publication Digital Trends described Dirac VR as “astonishingly realistic” while Dirac Panorama Sound was described as something that leaves you “speechless.” Dirac Live further established itself as the category leading room correction solution and was described by TechRadar as “the most sophisticated auto calibration technology available” and Home Cinema Choice as the “crème de la crème of consumer EQ suites.” Most recently, our CEO Mathias Johansson was profiled by The Economist in a feature story on the next frontier in music technology: superior sound quality from consumer devices.

Developing this superior sound quality and life-like listening experiences have always been the promise we make to our partners and their end-user customers. Our commitment to deliver on this promise is what drives us to innovate every day of the year.

At CES 2O18, we look forward to building on our 2O17 momentum with our latest innovations that span various platforms.


Location: The Westgate Suite 63O, adjacent to the Las Vegas Convention Center



Sneak Peek at Dirac - CES 2O18


The Next Generation of Dirac Live

You will be able to experience a pre-release of the new version of Dirac Live over a pair of speakers. The updated Dirac Live features a refreshed modern user interface, improved performance through a new algorithm, simplified setup process and support for multiple languages. The updated software is expected to launch in Q1 2018. Click here to learn more about the new Dirac Live.


Dirac VR technology via a VR headset

Dirac VR is a high-end alternative to existing 3D audio technologies for headphones. The technology has been described by some of the world’s most discerning tech journalists as “startlingly realistic,” “eerily convincing,” and a solution that “might just change the way people experience VR.” Introduced and demonstrated on a computer at CES 2017, the CES 2018 demonstration will empower you to watch movies enabled with Dirac VR technology and a smartphone, a VR headset and a pair of headphones.


Dirac-enabled JBL Soundboost 2 for moto z smartphones with home theatre audio quality

Dirac Panorama Sound, the all-new mobile surround sound solution for audio systems comprised of two or more speakers, was recently made available through the JBL Soundboost 2 speaker compatible exclusively with Motorola’s moto z smartphones. The demo will be available at CES 2018 and will showcase how even the smallest of speakers can be 

transformed into portable home theaters, with extra wide soundstages, capable of delivering powerful, immersive sound – thanks to Dirac Panorama Sound. Click here to learn more about the Dirac-enabled JBL Soundboost 2.


The first result of our collaboration with AAC

For the past two years, Dirac Research and AAC Technologies, the global leader in micro-speakers, have worked closely to build audio subsystems that integrate the world’s foremost audio processing technology with state-of-the-art micro-speaker technology. At CES 2018, we will unveil the first results of this collaboration.


Smart speaker and smartphones

The Dirac-AAC smart speaker and smartphone demo compares their audio performance against their corresponding market-available alternatives – thereby showcasing the impressive performance upgrade achieved through the partnership.

AR headset [Converted].png

AR headset

By positioning speakers just above the ears, the Dirac-AAC augmented reality headset produces immersive audio that effectively overlays the natural sound environment. The combination of advanced audio processing and high-performance micro-speaker arrays beam the sound to your ears and minimize the leakage to the surroundings.


Automotive speakers

The Dirac-AAC automotive speaker demo will explore how powerful sound can be produced by ultra-thin speakers, capable of embedment in headrests, headliners, and other areas that can be used to create individual soundstages within the vehicle.


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