Uppsala-based Allmänna Sången choir heads to Asia for performances in Taiwan and Thailand


Dirac’s audio solutions are quickly gaining popularity and recognition throughout Asia thanks to our work with brands such as Oppo, Xiaomi, OnePlus, BYD, Pioneer, and many others. However, for the next two weeks, another group of Swedes will be demonstrating to the continent all that our country has to offer in terms of perfected sound.

The Allmänna Sången choir from our very own city of Uppsala is currently touring Taiwan and Thailand, where it will perform at the Taipei International Choral Festival, several of Taiwan’s most prominent concert halls, and at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok.

Dirac is proud to sponsor the choir’s 2019 Asia tour and provide our city’s young professional singers the opportunity to share their love for music and performance with an international audience.

“A belief in beautiful sound and its ability to transform moments is at the core of what we do at Dirac,” stated Dirac’s GM of Mobile Audio Erik Rudolphi, whose son is a member of the touring choir. “Allmänna Sången embodies this belief and represents nearly two centuries of Swedish musical heritage. We are proud to support a choir that shares our commitment to sound and we’re excited to see this group of Swedish performers bring their talents to the international stage.”

The Allmänna Sången choir is well-known and highly-regarded throughout Sweden, with past choir groups winning international awards and being featured on acclaimed albums produced by legendary Swedish musicians such as Peter Mattei, Karl-Magnus Fredriksson and Kroumata och Magnus Lindgren.

Founded in 1830, Allmänna Sången is Sweden’s oldest academic choir and has played a critically important role in the development of music education and appreciation throughout Sweden.

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