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Beijing Auto Show 2018: Steering to a New Era, Indeed!

Perhaps no industry is undergoing as dramatic a disruption as the automotive industry, as many manufacturers are transitioning from traditional automobile companies to, shall we say, mobile-entertainment-on-wheels companies.

That was clearly apparent at the recently-concluded Beijing Auto Show as automakers from around world gathered amid the swirling and industry-altering winds of change this market is experiencing. The show’s 2018 theme Steering to a New Era was most certainly apropos as information and communication technology are presenting unprecedented opportunities in today’s automotive space.

How to Obtain a Good Stereo Sound Stage in Cars

Designing a sound system for a car has a different success formula than designing a sound system for a living room. In a car, neither the loudspeakers or the people listening to them can be placed precisely according to the standard. Consequently, when listening to a recording, the stereo information is likely to be lost or, at least, severely distorted.

Here we will discuss the motivation and basic principles behind a Dirac technology called Dirac Virtual Center, which was developed to solve one of the classic problems in automotive sound system tuning: the near-side bias problem. 

CES 2017 Highlights, as Experienced from the Dirac Suite

It’s hard not to write something after returning from an event like CES, which leaves you with so many inputs and impressions, it nearly blows your mind. The entire place is so packed with innovations and ideas, it's like the entire world’s waited all year just to reveal what they've been busy hatching up in the seclusion of their basement. 

Software, Tuning Engineers, and the Pursuit of the Best Automotive Sound

Dirac Research has been heavily involved in the automotive industry since the early days. As a research and software company, our mission is to deliver outstanding tuning algorithms and tools that are second to none. In order to live up to this goal, it’s of utter importance that we reflect on and understand the role software plays in the tuning process: What are the expectations for a tuning tool? And who will use it?