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Superior sound for every audio device and every use case

Dirac optimizes digital audio, perfecting sound for better listening in any environment. Our patented sound solution technology spans automotive, computer and tablet, headphone, home and professional, mobile and streaming audio. Dirac for businessss offers the industry’s most powerful suite of audio tools available for signal processing.

We’re inventing the future of sound with superior experiences for any content, device, and space.

Image of car speaker

Automotive Audio

Bringing truly premium sound to the automotive industry has always been a challenge. Until now. Learn more about how Dirac can enhance your automotive audio.

Dirac’s Automotive Audio Solutions

Computer and Tablet Audio

Our patented technologies enable your device to reproduce the most immersive, pristine, and harmonically balanced experience you’ve ever heard on a laptop or tablet.

Dirac’s Computer and Tablet Audio Solutions
Image of headphones

Headphone Audio

Dirac has solutions for wireless headphones and gaming headphones. A digitalized world of sound enables you to enjoy more benefits and values that would otherwise be impossible.

Dirac’s Headphone Audio Solutions
Image of home speakers

Home and Professional Audio

Our patented impulse response correction provides the best possible room performance – fast and easy.

Dirac’s Home and Professional Audio Solutions
Image of mobile phone

Mobile Audio

Dirac works audio miracles for mobile devices, providing them with bass and volume enhancement, premium sound quality, headphone optimization, and immersive sound.

Dirac’s Mobile Audio Solutions
Image of a mobile phone. Streaming audio.

Streaming Audio

Dirac’s streaming solution combines acoustic performance optimization with immersive virtualization. We offer outstanding quality for music, movies, gaming and podcasts.

Dirac’s Streaming Solutions