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Automotive Audio

Bringing truly premium sound to the automotive industry has always been a challenge. The less-than-ideal placement of loudspeakers and complicated car cabin acoustics have both been significant roadblocks for perfect audio experiences in all seats in the cabin. Until now.

Automotive sound that moves you

A car is more than transportation. It’s a statement, an experience, a mindset. It’s who your customers are, want to be, and what they do. Everything about the car should point to this – especially the sound system. Whether it’s music, movies, or work the driver and passengers should experience true HiFi and immersive sound. They should feel the depth and width of the soundstage and every audio subtlety, in every seat. They want the car and the audio to move them.

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Technology perfecting automotive audio

Dirac delivers something no one else can. Our solution enables automotive sound systems to deliver a clean, balanced sound with a precise sound image and a tight and powerful bass  – with a consistent experience in all seats. Whereas most automobile manufacturers spend months manually tuning prototypes, our solution features measurement-based semi-automatic tuning and allows them to dramatically reduce their time to market, maximize performance, and ensure consistent signature sound across car models. Instead of spending weeks in the car for base tuning, with Dirac, base tuning can take only a day to achieve dramatically enhanced performance.

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Dirac delivers higher sound performance with existing hardware

What does this mean for your company? With Dirac’s patented sound optimization algorithms, you’ll be able to get more out of your existing hardware and achieve higher sound performance. Thanks to the digitalization trend in the automotive industry, consumers will soon be able to upgrade their audio experience with additional software features. Dirac stands ready to support new business models and over-the-air upgrades.

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Dirac Opteo

Dirac Opteo digitally upgrades the sound performance of automotive audio systems using technologies such as MIMO mixed phase correction, mixed-phase impulse response correction and other patented technologies.

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Dirac Virtuo

Dirac Virtuo transforms your car cabin into a moving theater with ultimate immersion. With Dirac Virtuo installed, your car can transport you not just from point A to point B, but move you into a new dimension of sound.

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We’re Dirac. You can hear the difference.

Many of the world’s top brands have already implemented Dirac into their vehicles and are giving their customers sound options with special features and lifestyle services. Dirac has solutions for all levels of audio systems and is used in both non-branded and branded systems. Let us help you enhance your business.

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Selected Automotive Customers

  • On a daily basis we use Dirac software in our development, which enables us to reach our very high targets on audio quality.

    Anders Löfgren Head of Audio Quality at Volvo
  • Our customers expect the ultimate in every experience and Dirac provides the ultimate within digital signal processing.

    Mike Hanks at Bentley Motors