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Automotive packages

For more than a decade, Dirac’s digital audio solutions have brought high-quality, immersive experiences to high-end automotive sound systems and automotive packages, for renowned brands like Bentley, Rolls Royce, Volvo and BMW. Now, our cutting-edge solutions are available to a wider range of vehicle sound systems, to meet market demands.

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All in one platform for perfected sound

Every Dirac solution is built on an all-in-one platform that includes a measurement system, tuning tools, sound optimization algorithms, and hardware interface platform – which, together, enable manufacturers to achieve perfected sound faster, more easily, and consistently across vehicle models.

The platform features the industry’s first semi-automatic tuning system based on scientific measurements that optimizes performance and delivers signature sound in a way that is highly efficient, consistent, and predictable.

Dirac’s patented digital sound optimization and spatialization algorithms are integrated in the tuning system to design the sound experience by leveraging features such as cabin sound optimization sound field control, bass enhancement, center image optimization, sound stage widening, active comfort mode and more. The algorithms and features vary depending on specific target market and sound system.

Packaged solutions in three tiers

Depending on which algorithms and features are unlocked in the tuning system, our solutions are available in three packages specifically tailored for individual levels of sound system and their unique acoustic challenges and requirements.


The most advanced Dirac solution ensures perfect listening experiences in all seat positions, powered by patented MIMO mixed phase correction technology. It’s ideally suited for the highest-end sound systems that boast 10 to 20+ amplifier channels.


The preferred industry solution, widely adopted by premium audio systems, powered by magnitude and time domain correction technology. It’s ideally suited for sound systems that boast, maximum, 12 amplifier channels.


The cost-efficient solution that helps entry level sound systems upgrade performance to industry standards, powered by magnitude response correction technology. It’s ideally suited for sound systems that boast, maximum, 10 amplifier channels.

Package add-ons to meet the needs of tomorrow’s cars

We’re meeting the growing interest in speaker array processing in cars and non-traditional loudspeaker configurations. Even for sound systems without door speakers, our advanced sound stage widening algorithms will enable a wide and immersive sound image for all passengers. The technology also further applies sound field control for the low-mid frequencies to enable tight bass performance.
Furthermore, our active comfort mode add-on creates a less noisy zone in the rear of the car so those in the front can enjoy music. Active sound field control of the car speakers enables separation between front and rear, supporting several use cases.

Other add-on features are bass enhancement for entry level systems.

All packages and additional features include our intelligent audio platform service and support and standard features such as center image optimization and target sound management.

Why Dirac?

  • The world’s most advanced intelligent platform for perfected automotive audio
  • Higher sound performance with existing hardware
  • Deliver your signature sound with greater consistency and ease
  • Trusted and endorsed by premium market leaders

Dirac and Analog devices together – a brilliant sound collaboration

Dirac’s performance package can now be combined with ADI processors. This bundled solution enables ADI’s automotive customers to achieve an optimized acoustic performance and immersive sound experience more easily, quickly, cost-efficiently and consistently across all levels of automotive sound systems.