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Achieve better sound easier and faster

Dirac’s audio solutions enable perfected sound faster

A premium sound system composed of 20 channels across 23 speakers requires at least 2 months of professional tuning with an experienced engineer to achieve the desired sound. With Dirac’s innovative automotive audio solutions, a better result with enhanced sound performance can be achieved in 3-7 days.

Dirac provides you with tools, frameworks, and algorithms for professional audio development and audio optimization. Supporting all levels of sound systems, our solutions enable carmakers to achieve perfected sound faster, more easily, and more consistently across vehicle models.

Benefits for carmakers


  • Faster time to market, lower cost
  • Maximized sound performance
  • Consistent signature sound across portfolios
  • Limited need for prototypes

Benefits for tuning engineers


  • Real time tuning
  • Full control of the work
  • Remote basic tuning with extreme speed and performance
  • No more tuning fatigue
  • More quality time for final tuning

Benefits for consumers


  • Audiophile-level sound quality
  • Immersive sound from stereo content
  • Tight and deep bass without ringing
  • Consistent experiences at all seats
Automotive Dirac audio, Image by BYD

A platform-based solution that keeps evolving

The key elements included in our solutions are optimization and spatialization toolboxes powered by patented algorithms, filter design tools, measurement systems, semi-automatic tuning tools, hardware interface and software frameworks. All components are built on our unique Intelligent Audio Platform.

Dirac Future of Automotive sound

The Intelligent Audio Platform

The Intelligent Audio Platform, or IAP, is home to all our solutions, tools and algorithms across modes, system architectures and tiers.

The platform is data driven, modular, scalable, and customizable with a streamlined working process. With one measurement and one simple integration for all features, you achieve the highest possible audio performance in less time and with predictable results and high accuracy.

Industry-leading measurement system

Using the automotive market’s most advanced measurement method, 16 points in the car cabin—at each seat, for each channel—are measured, capturing objective and accurate acoustic data. With an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, Dirac’s platform is designed to be fast and error-free, with no advanced engineering skill required.

Illustration Industry-leading measurement system

Sound optimization and spatialization

Based on decades of research, Dirac’s patented algorithms and software have been acknowledged by world-renowned musicians and top HiFi brands.

Sharing patents and innovations from the high-end home audio space, we provide groundbreaking technologies to help you enhance in-car experience dramatically. Our patented algorithms are integrated in the filter design tools on our Intelligent Audio platform for easy application, with no programming experience required.

Dirac Automotive sound Optimization Spatilization

Semi-automatic tuning and optimization

The moment you finish measuring the sound system, the whole process and all speaker performance is documented and visualized on your computer.

Traditionally, tuning is an extremely tedious and exhausting process that requires months of work even for an experienced “golden ear”. Dirac’s semi-automatic real time tuning and optimization approach has completely changed this. What used to take an engineer several days to iterate, now takes only minutes. Our algorithms calculate all possible parameters to find the optimal solution, saving time and error. Using Dirac solutions, customers report that their basic tuning time is reduced by more than 70% on average. Furthermore, because every change is documented and reversable from basic to final tuning, it is easier than ever to set targets, predict, and evaluate.

Semi-automatic tuning and optimization

Tiered offers for all levels of sound systems

Carmakers with many different types and levels of sound systems are faced with unique challenges at each level. We therefore provide three tiers of solutions, as well as add-on features for each.

All tiers include our Intelligent Audio Platform for a shared measurement system, semi-automatic tuning, and optimization tools, hardware interface, and software frameworks.


For sound systems that boast maximum 10 amplifier channels.

  • The cost-efficient solution — helps entry level sound systems upgrade performance to industry standards.
  • Key features: Cabin sound powered by magnitude response correction technology, Target sound management, Center image optimization, Static upmixing, Bass extension (add-on)


For sound systems that boast maximum 12 amplifier channels.

  • The preferred industry solution — widely adopted by premium audio systems.
  • Key features: Cabin sound optimization powered by magnitude and time domain correction technology, target sound management, Center image optimization, Soundstage widening, dynamic upmixing


For the highest-end sound systems that boast 10 to 30+ amplifier channels.

  • The most advanced Dirac solution —ensures perfect listening experiences in all seat positions.
  • Key features: Cabin sound optimization powered by Dirac Unison patented MIMO mixed-phase impulse response correction technology, target sound management, center image optimization, soundstage widening, dynamic upmixing, active comfort mode (add-on)