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Dirac’s Intelligent Audio Platform

Dirac’s Intelligent Audio Platform is our cross-platform software solution providing all the functionality automotive manufacturers need to achieve perfected sound.

We help the car intdustry achieve the highest possible performance, consistency, accuracy, and efficiency possible.

The Intelligent Audio Platform

A scalable and modular intelligent audio platform for superior automotive sound

Dirac’s Intelligent Audio Platform is a cross-platform software solution providing all the functionality automotive manufacturers need to achieve perfected sound with the highest possible performance, consistency, accuracy, efficiency, sharable data and reduced time to market. The platform includes Dirac’s patented algorithms for sound optimization and spatialization, a data-driven measurement system, semi-automatic filter design & tuning tools, and an IO to the h/w platform or audio framework.

The Intelligent Audio Platform enables a defined and guided process from measurement to integration, defined interface to partners, audio frameworks, chipsets etc. It is for all levels of sound systems across both devices and segments. It is above all designed to be customizable, modular, and scalable.

Minimize dependence on hardware choices while achieving the best possible sound – consistently, and across your portfolio

The Intelligent Audio Platform includes Dirac’s patented algorithms for sound optimization and spatialization solutions, delivering features from cabin sound optimization, center image optimization, bass enhancement to immersive sound and sound/seat modes. Furthermore, it contains all the standard audio features you need, and runs on a wide range of chipsets and audio frameworks. The algorithms are integrated in our tools for easy application, so that system and tuning engineers can use them without hassle. Proven and verified by industry leading automotive makers, premium HiFi brands, smartphone and PC vendors, and leading headphone brands our patented technologies help to maximize sound performance with existing hardware and deliver enhanced sound experiences beyond physical confines.  True optimization ensures that the full potential of the hardware is exploited.

With Dirac’s IAP, you obtain unique patented technologies for

  • Frequency response correction
  • Impulse response correction
  • Soundfield control
  • Virtual speakers
  • Bass control
  • Bass extension
  • Dynamic range processing
  • Support for unconventional speaker layouts
  • Theater modes and room transformation
  • Consistent experience across seats (minimizing seat to seat variations)

High accuracy, efficiency, and consistency

The platform features a data driven measurement system with a semi-automatic filter design and tuning tools. Using the market’s most advanced measurement method, 16 points per seat per channel are measured to capture the full acoustic characteristics of the sound system accurately. The semi-automatic filter design and tuning tools include simulation-based base-level tuning. Finally, computer-assisted fine tuning is performed inside the car to achieve optimal sound quality with high consistency and efficiency.

High accuracy

With a data driven approach and the industry’s most advanced sound optimization algorithms, engineers are in full control of the result by simply setting targets, predicting results and evaluating them.

High efficiency

Our algorithms calculate all possible parameters in minutes on the PC for the best possible optimization and tuning results, which normally would be days of tuning work for an experienced engineer sitting in the car. It minimizes the need for prototype vehicles, reduces base tuning time by 70-80%.

High consistency

It is easier than ever to achieve consistent signature sound across different car models and hardware choices, while the platform enables that every change in tuning is documented and reversable, and that the resulting sound system configuration and parameters are sharable and duplicable. The Dirac platform enables remote tuning (“work from home”), sharing data over continents in global companies and a fully documented approach.

Latest feature: content based upmixer

Enhanced immersion with stereo content

Based on patent-pending adaptive spatial decoder technology, this brand-new feature turns any standard stereo content into immersive content, delivering a fully immersive sound experience to all passengers in the car. The experience is fully customizable by the sound engineer designing the sound experience and creates opportunities for differentiated immersive experiences.

The technology analyzes the source content in real time and splits it into components with different spatial attributes, for example, characterized by direction, whether it is a sound source or ambience, etc. Based on this decomposition, the upmixer creates a high-fidelity multichannel version of the same content and distributes the sound intelligently to the different loudspeaker channels available to it. Through Dirac’s patent-pending innovations in this field, we ensure that it sounds accurate and natural, albeit audibly different than the original non-immersive content.

More about Dirac’s content-based upmixing technology.