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Working from home isn’t just a luxury anymore. It’s becoming a necessity. If they weren’t before, our computers, laptops and tablets are soon at the center of our lives. We work, we shop, we game, we enjoy music on them. But even the fastest, most powerful device is lacking if it doesn’t have a great sound to support its incredible software. Immersive sound that pulls you in and lets you feel every nuance, every effect, and every word whether you’re gaming, conferencing, or listening to music.

Experience every dimension of your audio

Computers, laptops and tablets are more multifunctional than ever. However, due to the small size of their speakers, hardware often limits their flexibility and user experience. Sound is more concentrated and narrow. But what if you could widen the sound to allow you to experience every dimension of your audio in a more realistic way?

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A new perspective on computer audio

Dirac is shifting paradigms in how people think about sound. We can help your hardware deliver a much greater quality of audio than you thought it could. Our patented technologies enable your device to reproduce the most immersive, pristine, and harmonically balanced experience you’ve ever heard on a computer, laptop or tablet. You’ll hear a soundscape that is wider, with more depth than you would have thought possible. It’s time to unleash the true audio potential of your computer or tablet.

It’s time for Dirac.

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  • It took on a far more balanced sound and tone that made it easier to pick out subtlety of individual elements, even in a really busy mix with a lot going on. It was also a richness and fullness to the sound that was just not there before.

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