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Building a pair of headphones that can deliver a theater-like immersive feeling regardless of content is impossible without an engaging software solution. Dirac is a paradigm shift in physics.

Dirac – spatial audio with pristine quality

Consumers don’t want to be limited by one application, their headphones need to cover a wide range of uses. They want cans they can use for gaming, music, and connecting with friends. Dirac gives their headphones spatial audio with pristine sound quality, but without the cost that high-end units would typically bring. Consumers want an immersive experience. One that offers them a balanced sound with the right amount of deep, penetrating bass and clear, crisp highs that enable them to hear every detail.

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The easy path to great signature sound

Thanks to our patented algorithms, Dirac delivers a compelling sound experience without complicated and expensive hardware upgrades. Optimal and immersive audio without requiring specifically-encoded 3D formats. Dirac onboard offers a faster, easier, and more cost-efficient path to great signature sound. Our tuning system and technology will save you time and yield incredible performance with lower lows, higher highs, and a mid-range so thick you can feel it. This is high-precision and transparent spatial audio.

Technical deep dive


How Dirac Virtuo™ Spatializes Stereo Content for an Immersive Headphone Experience?

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Speaker optimization for Bluetooth headphones 

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A digital world of sound

Dirac has solutions for gaming headphones, wireless, and wired headphones. A digitalized world of sound enables you to enjoy more benefits and values that would be otherwise impossible. For wireless headphones, we support easy DSP integration where our solution is compatible with mainstream chipsets.

Dirac Opteo

Dirac Opteo digitally optimizes headphone sound to overcome hardware limitations in an existing design and lets the headphones perform at their full potential, be it in-ear, on-ear, or over-ear.

Explore Dirac Opteo

Dirac Virtuo

Dirac Virtuo for Bluetooth headphones turns any standard stereo content into an immersive sound experience with enhanced sound quality.

Explore Dirac Virtuo

Dirac is the difference your headphones demand

Many of the world’s top headphone brands are discovering what Dirac can mean for them and their customers. Find out more and hear for yourself the difference Dirac makes. Dirac – creating the future of sound.

  • The Dirac 3D Audio does a great job of accurately representing the sounds that come from all directions. What made things really impressive was how deep the low ends were, pushing the sounds of explosions and gunfire right into your ears.

    Arvin Santiago at Nerd Reactor
  • Dirac 3D Audio exceeded my expectations of what can be done today.”

    Tyll Hertsens at InnerFidelity

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