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For the best home and studio audio, accurate room correction is necessary. That’s why we developed Dirac Live. Dirac Live is the most reputable room correction system on the planet. It’s used by the world’s leading AV receiver and sound processor brands to correct frequency and phase distortion caused by the speakers and room acoustics.

Dirac Live

Dirac Live consists of two elements: Dirac Live Room Correction that corrects frequency and impulse response throughout the listening area from 20 to 20,000 Hz, and Dirac Live Bass Control deals with the special challenge of managing subwoofers and their interaction with the room.

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What devices can run Dirac Live?

Any device with audio processing capability that feeds a speaker with an audio signal is suited for Dirac Live. But, of course, your device also needs a WiFi connection. Dirac Live can run on ARM SoCs and a number of audio DSPs. The end-user can easily perform the Dirac Live calibration from a PC or smartphone. This step has several advantages. It not only provides a much richer user experience than working with a remote control and an on-screen display but allows us to use much more computational horsepower. We combine the CPU in the PC or smartphone with the Dirac Live cloud backend when calculating the very best solution. Hence, we are not constrained by the DSP in your device.

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Why should a device be equipped with Dirac Live?

The simple answer is that Dirac Live is the best and most advanced room correction system there is. Dirac Live is endorsed by audiophiles, custom installers, sound engineers, and music creators worldwide. As such, it is a valuable and demanded feature in any sound processing device. But you don’t have to be a professional to enjoy the result of Dirac Live. Anyone can tell the difference. It also makes life easier for custom installers. With Dirac Live, the result is always the best possible – and it’s predictable.

  • I was completely amazed by the difference that Dirac made to my new studio. My speakers are great but have several acoustic issues in my new studio resulting in the mixes not translating as expected, it was a friend who recommended I try Dirac. Now everything sounds just right!… significantly more accurate across the whole frequency range plus the imaging is incredible

    Ian Wallman Record producer to Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Shakira at Ivor Novello nominated, UK
  • I would love to see Dirac as the default in all sound interfaces. Their technology would be a game changer for the industry.

    Rami Yacoub Grammy-awarded Music Producer and Songwriter
  • No other room correction system really touches the precision we hear with Dirac Live.

    Zoran at DTS

    What does it take to run Dirac Live?

    The only thing a device needs to do is to play the test signals, store the Dirac Live filters, and apply them to the audio stream. To do that, two components need to be integrated on the product’s chipset:

    • The Dirac IO Server that allows the Dirac Live apps to connect to the device. It communicates with our app and the runtime according to our specifications and documentation.
    • The Dirac Filter Runtime that processes the PCM audio signal with the Dirac Live filters. Both components are available as source code. We can also connect you with trusted partners that have years of experience working with Dirac Live to make the integration into your hardware effortless. Dirac Live is also available as a plugin or standalone software for PC.

    How does one get a license for Dirac Live?

    Dirac offers flexible business models, from an all-inclusive royalty-bearing license to a free-of-charge Dirac Ready license. With a Dirac Ready license, the end-user can purchase and activate Dirac Live from our webshop. Visit our online store to see how it works.

    Are you interested in becoming a Dirac Live licensee? Please contact . We’re happy to help.

    Home and Professional Audio Customers

    Dirac Live integration and chipset partners

    • NXP Partner

      Dirac Live is integrated in NXP’s audio framework Immersiv3D for i.MX 8M applications processors.

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