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For many people, the world revolves around their mobile device. They do business, check the news, interact with friends, play games, and get lost in their music. How does one get big, rich sound out of such a small device? How can anyone expect such tiny, closely situated speakers to deliver bass thumping, premium and immersive sound?

Dirac works audio miracles for mobile devices

Dirac is working audio miracles for mobile devices, providing them with bass and volume enhancement, premium sound quality, headphone optimization, and immersive sound – just the way consumers want it. They won’t believe their device could sound so good.

Our patented, world-leading algorithms allow listeners to hear even the most subtle details and localize sound with a high degree of accuracy. With Dirac on board, listening to audio on a mobile device is a more intuitive, and listeners enjoy a more personalized sound experience than ever before.

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Dirac offers a unique and immersive audio solution

Immersive speaker sound. Dirac provides a uniquely immersive experience that greatly improves entertainment and work, enabled by our latest Dirac technology.

Enhanced sound quality for any audio content. Dirac offers enhanced sound for speakers and headphones no matter which content end users consume. This is possible thanks to the fact that our rendering solution is not tied to any specific encoding or decoding format.

Deeper audible bass compared to other alternatives. We enable better audible bass from small speakers than other alternatives. Deeper, cleaner, and more powerful bass that preserves the dynamics.

Reduce cost, time, and effort in delivering compelling experiences. Thanks to our algorithms and world-leading tuning system, you can now use smaller speakers with more design freedom to deliver a powerful and pristine sound experience – easier and faster.

However, you need to hear and judge for yourself!

Dirac Opteo

Dirac Opteo for mobile optimizes single speaker systems by addressing hardware limitations inherent in small devices.

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Dirac Virtuo

Dirac Virtuo for mobile offers a spatial audio solution for multi-speaker smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

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Mobile Customers

  • The Dirac 3D Audio does a great job of accurately representing the sounds that come from all directions. What made things really impressive was how deep the low ends were, pushing the sounds of explosions and gunfire right into your ears.

    Arvin Santiago at Nerd Reactor
  • Dirac 3D Audio exceeded my expectations of what can be done today.”

    Tyll Hertsens at InnerFidelity
  • How good is it? I listened for about ten hours…compared the Apple EarPods with the Dirac app directly to the $1,100 Ultrasone Edition 8 on an iPhone 5. The optimized Apple EarPods are better.

    Ken Rockwell Famous audio reviewer