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Streaming Audio

Streaming services want their customers to experience both ease-of-use and excellent sound quality whenever and wherever they choose. They want to give customers a superior listening experience regardless of device or content.

Dirac improves the sound quality of your streaming service

Dirac’s audio solution for streaming services combines acoustic performance optimization with immersive virtualization. We offer outstanding quality for music, movies, gaming, podcasts, etc. Dirac’s solution doesn’t require specifically encoded formats to effortlessly and consistently create the most incredible streamed listening experience available.

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Customers want superior sound quality

You want to give your customers added value by offering them the best sound quality available. Integrating Dirac optimization and immersion into your streaming will set your service apart from the rest of the competition, sending a clear message that sound quality counts and giving them one more reason to subscribe to you. An easy choice to make once they hear what they’ve been missing.

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Get on board with Dirac

Leading streaming services around the world have already implemented Dirac, giving their customers new vistas in sound.

To hear the difference, you only need to listen.