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Dirac Live Reseller Agreement

Are you a retailer or a custom integrator of home entertainment equipment that you can upgrade on Dirac Online StoreHere is how you can make more money.

  1. Enter your company details in the Dirac Live Reseller Agreement, sign the agreement and email to  together with a list of Dirac Live partner brands that you represent and a link to your website. 
  2. Receive a unique and confidential discount code that enables you to purchase Dirac licenses with a 25% discount.  
  3. Load the products relevant to the customer’s request from our online store into your cart and enter the discount code at checkout.  
  4. After checkout, you will receive an email with a redemption code to activate the product purchased from the link.  
  5. The customer will need to make a Dirac Account (https://live.dirac.com/register/). You provide the customer with the redemption code you receive from 2checkout, and they enter it under “Activate code” on their Dirac Account (https://live.dirac.com/activate-license/). This ensures that the customer maintains ownership of the license after calibration has been completed. 
  6. Carry out the Dirac Live calibration process for the customer using their Dirac Account, including filter export and a listening test.  
  7. Dirac Live® 3 User Manual available here: Dirac Live® 3 – User Manual – Dirac Live Support – Confluence  
  8. Bill the customer for the full price of the Dirac license and labor costs. The difference between the 25% discount provided earlier and the full price paid by the customer to you constitutes your commission.  

Download Dirac Live Reseller Agreement