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Dirac Opteo is our measurement-based digital optimization solution. It maximizes the sound performance of any sound system by addressing acoustical issues caused by hardware limitations. That signature sound you want is now possible in a highly replicable and consistent way.

Optimize your sound.

You want great sound. You want the best sound your equipment and listening environment can give you. But even the most expensive components and equipment can only do so much to achieve truly great sound.

Consumer benefits

  • Hear sound as the artist intended
  • More transparent and accurate sound staging
  • Richer details
  • Tighter and deeper bass
  • Better voice intelligibility

Manufacturer benefits

  • Improved objective performance metrics such as frequency response and impulse response with consistency and efficiency
  • Improved key sound performance metrics such as bass, distortion, loudness, staging, clarity and more
  • Achieve your target sound regardless of hardware choice
  • Save time and cost
  • Consistent signature sound across your product portfolio
  • Get access to Dirac’s Intelligent Audio Platform – A broad and ever-expanding technology portfolio for all your audio optimization needs, regardless of device type
  • Compatible with most chipsets and audio frameworks on the market, highly optimized for performance

Dirac Opteo for cars.

Dirac Opteo digitally upgrades the sound performance of automotive audio systems using technologies such as MIMO mixed phase correction, mixed-phase impulse response correction and other patented technologies.

Key features

  • Intelligent audio platform
    An all-in-one platform for perfected automotive audio: Measurement-based, data-driven, semi-automatic tuning, large set of standard and advanced audio processing features, including patented algorithms for transforming sound experiences.
  • Cabin sound optimization
    Higher speaker performance and minimized cabin colorations.
  • Target sound management
    Signature sound with greater consistency and ease for each and every seat in the car.
  • Center image optimization
    A stable phantom center for each listener with improved staging and localization

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Dirac Opteo for mobile.

Dirac Opteo for mobile optimizes single speaker systems by addressing hardware limitations inherent in small devices. Using technologies such as mixed-phase impulse response correction, multi-band dynamic range compression, automatic gain control, and virtual bass, Dirac Opteo enables your device to perform to its full potential.

Key features

  • Individual speaker optimization
    Maximum sound performance that results in more detailed, cleaner, and more balanced sound reproduction.
  • Volume enhancement
    Perceived loudness beyond the physical limitations of tiny speakers.
    Dynamic and rich playback with volume level consistency.
    Play at the softest levels while still hearing the subtle details.
  • Bass enhancement
    Deep, clean, and powerful bass.
  • Customizable smart modes
    Smart modes auto-adjust sound settings for the best experience of the varying types of content in different situations, such as music listening, movie watching, gameplay, and voice communications and podcasts.
  • Target sound management
    Delivers your signature sound easier and faster with high consistency.

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Dirac Opteo for headphone.

Dirac Opteo digitally optimizes headphone sound to overcome hardware limitations in an existing design and lets the headphones perform at their full potential, be it in-ears, on-ears, or over-ears. Opteo is easily embedded in headphones with market-leading Bluetooth chipsets, or, in smartphones for enhancing connected headphones.

Key features

    • Speaker optimization
      Semi-automatic measurement-based filter design that removes unintended resonances and colorations to reach a crisp and clean sound canvas. By leveraging technology and insights from our mixed-phase room correction solution, Dirac Live, the high-resolution filters in Dirac Opteo achieve a superior sound performance associated with more expensive hardware.
    • Customizable target curve
      Use the Dirac Opteo headphone music target or customize it with high precision and accuracy to reflect your own brand’s signature sound. Either way, Dirac Opteo enables you to deliver a consistent sound experience not only across all ANC modes but also throughout every form factor in your product line.
    • Ready for embedding
      Dirac Opteo is conveniently available on several leading headphone Bluetooth SoCs with easy deployment directly from the Dirac sound tuning process, allowing you to be in control by validating the final sound embedded in the product itself.

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