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Dirac Showcases A New Paradigm in Immersive Automotive Audio at IAA Mobility Show 2023

August 29, 2023

For the first-time, the latest version of the Dirac VIRTUO automotive audio solution will be demonstrated to the European market and Dirac OPTEO tuning will be paired with the all-new Trèves “Sonified” technology to showcase a future of automotive audio where smaller, lighter, and more strategically-positioned speaker systems can produce increasingly high-quality sound.

Munich, Germany, August 29, 2023 — Swedish digital audio pioneer Dirac today announced it will showcase at the IAA Mobility Show 2023 the future of automotive audio – one that leverages the latest in audio software algorithms and acoustic material technology to unlock the full potential of a vehicle’s sound system.

At the show, the Dirac VIRTUO immersive audio solution will be demonstrated alongside Dolby Atmos multichannel content in the Volvo XC60 and a Tesla Model Y will be tuned with the Dirac OPTEO solution.

Featuring patented multiple-input/multiple-output (MIMO) mixed phase impulse response correction technology, the Dirac OPTEO solution addresses acoustic challenges common in cars by enabling all speakers to work intelligently together and co-correct each other’s impulse response.

Dirac VIRTUO adds the company’s breakthrough Dynamic Spatial upmixer technology, Intelligent Audio Platform, and multichannel content support – which, combined, transforms any car, with any speaker layout, into an on-the-go, immersive home theater environment.

The Tesla Model Y also includes acoustic treatment from Trèves, a world renowned automotive supplier specializing in interiors and acoustic treatments. For the first time, the Model Y demonstration vehicle will feature an integrated Dirac OPTEO and Trèves “Sonified” technology system that enables OEMs to move car speakers out of doors and into less common locations, such as inside seats or under floor carpeting, which delivers significant weight and space saving advantages.

“Historically, automotive manufacturers have been reliant on heavy speakers, placed in specific cabin locations, to achieve premium sound system performance,” stated Hendrik Hermann, European Sales Director at Dirac. “These large speakers, placed in doors, dashboards, and more, proved proficient in producing high-quality audio, yet ultimately added substantial weight to the vehicle while limiting cabin design possibilities.”

Continued Hermann, “However, new digital audio algorithms and acoustic treatment technologies are creating a new paradigm for automotive brands – enabling them to use fewer, lighter weight, and more strategically placed speakers to achieve an even better, more dynamic audio quality. This is the future of automotive audio, one that exists today, and we look forward to showcasing it at IAA.”

The Dirac OPTEO digital audio solution creates a high-quality automotive audio experience without requiring larger or additional speakers. It also delivers peak performance from vehicle speakers positioned in unconventional locations, such as inside seats or under floor carpeting.

This combination ultimately enables superior sound from a speaker system that’s lighter weight and more strategically placed – which is increasingly critical for electric vehicles whose battery efficiency is largely dependent on vehicle weight.

Meanwhile, the Volvo XC60 will demonstrate for the first time to the European market what many OEMs already know. The newest version of Dirac VIRTUO pushes the boundaries of what software can achieve in car audio.

The award-winning software leverages the industry’s most sophisticated audio algorithms to envelope drivers and passengers in high fidelity sound with exceptional bass performance across every seat. It leverages patented digital sound optimization and spatialization technologies to tackle acoustic issues like negative car cabin impact, unbalanced soundstage, and lack of immersion.

Dirac’s Dynamic Spatial upmixer technology is a key component of Dirac VIRTUO and a large part of the reason why Dirac can deliver an immersive in-car music listening experience. The Dynamic Spatial upmixer transforms any stereo content into flexible, customizable audio, free from artifacts and without requiring any hardware upgrades – creating sound that’s accurate, natural, and immersive.

In addition, Dirac will be showcasing an unparalleled Dolby Atmos reproduction in the Volvo XC60 powered by it’s OPTEO cabin sound optimization algorithms.

Rather than recording in stereo, with a limit of only two channels, Dolby Atmos allows for each sound – each instrument or vocal – to be placed anywhere in three-dimensional space in the recording.

Reproducing a faithful Dolby Atmos experience in a car that translates well from the point of creation in the studio into the challenging acoustic environment of a car cabin is a lofty task, but Dirac has done just that — with excellent detail, accurate staging, and a well-balanced sound field in all seating positions.

“The car itself is undergoing its most significant revolution since its advent in the early 1900s – as electric batteries replace internal combustion engines and as autonomous systems replace manual driving,” concluded Hermann. “However, as this automotive revolution progresses, what’s clear is that audio performance – from an increasingly flexible, fully immersive, and digital optimized system – will remain critical. For over 20 years, Dirac has pioneered the cutting-edge of automotive audio technology, and we look forward to showcasing our latest innovations at IAA 2023.”

Dirac’s automotive audio solutions are currently used by leading automotive brands like Rolls Royce, Volvo, Polestar, Genesis, NIO, and BYD, amongst many others.

To learn more and experience the sound demos, visit Dirac’s booth in Summit Hall #B2.E11, from September 5-10 in the Munich Exhibition Center in Munich, Germany.

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About Dirac:

Dirac develops digital software solutions that create a significantly improved sound experience for all types of sound systems. Our customers include enterprises, such as sound system manufacturers and streaming services, as well as consumers. Dirac is a global company with headquarters in Uppsala, Sweden and R&D facilities in Copenhagen, Denmark and Bangalore, India, with representation in Greater China, Germany, Japan, Korea, and USA.