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Dirac’s Lars Carlsson featured in Teslarati article about NIO ET7

November 3, 2022

Teslarati, a leading publisher of Tesla news and other texts about the premium electric vehicle market, recently took a closer look at the audio system in the NIO ET7. This system consists of 23 speakers powered by Dirac Opteo Professional audio and Dolby Atmos technology.

Together with Lars Carlsson, the Head of Business Development Automotive Audio and Vice President of Dirac, the article’s author explains that achieving perfect sound is particularly difficult in vehicles, especially because of the positioning of the speakers in relation to the vehicle’s seats and the way in which sound reflects on the cabin’s different surfaces and windows.

Each speaker output in the NIO ET7 was measured with 16 microphones, positioned in each seat for a total of 64 measurement positions in the cabin. The measured data gave Dirac a good overview of the acoustic performance of the car’s cabin and creates the base for Dirac’s patented algorithms to optimize the sound.

The article also highlights the importance of software in future vehicles, and the author describes it as crucial for the auto industry. Lars Carlsson commented:

There’s a lot of challenges also coming ahead, but I would say that Dirac is very well equipped for future challenges because software for anything in cars is key.

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